Corridor 10 through Serbia completed

Corridor 10 through Serbia completed

Newly-built sections of the eastern branch of the Corridor 10, from Prosek to Crvena Reka, were officially opened near the Bancarevo tunnel on Saturday, 9 November, 2019.

The opening of newly-constructed sections of the eastern branch of Corridor 10 for traffic, from Prosek to Crvena reka, has marked the completion of the construction of Corridor 10 through Serbia.

The section of the motorway Е-80 from Prosek to the border with the Republic of Bulgaria is 86.8 km long in total and consists of 87 bridges, 5 tunnels with modern equipment – “Bancarevo“, “Sopot“, “Sarlah“, “Pržojna padina“ and “Progon“, as well as 5 interchanges at junctions with multiple levels.

The completion of the eastern leg of Corridor 10 construction, using the shortest route, connects Western and Eastern Europe, Serbia and Bulgaria, and foremost two large Serbian counties – the Niš county and the Pirot county, where approximately 450,000 people live.

Contemporary traffic infrastructure also validates the geostrategic position of Serbia as a whole and opens a path to the markets of Southeast Europe and Asia. High-quality and efficient connection of the Republic of Serbia with its surroundings, the neighboring countries most of all, and its active participation in integration processes of the West Balkans, Southeastern Europe and the Danube region is an imperative.

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