International Road Federation (IRF )

Young Professionals Programme

The IRF Young Professionals programme is a prestigious global network of young leaders and specialists in the road and mobility sector to propose initiatives, share ideas and engage with the overall activities of IRF.

What we do


Create videos, articles and other contents to share fresh and innovative perspectives from our network of young and talented members.


Connect with other young talent programmes from third-party institutions to build bridges between future leaders across industries. From those collaborations emerge new initiatives to accelerate the development and implementation of sustainable mobility options.


Deliver a yearly summit (September) to bring together young mobility experts from around the world to highlight local expertise, successes and challenges for a global impact.

Why should you join us?

IRF YP members are young people who are not only interested in the road and mobility sectors, but are also keen to become part of IRF and contribute to the development and implementation of a new vision for the organisation. Benefits of joining the IRF Young Professionals Programme:

Become part of the prestigious network of like-minded young individuals and IRF associates.

Gain an opportunity to participate in IRF activities and events.

Publish articles in the World Highways magazine as well as in other specialised publications.

Get a unique chance to be part of IRF’s “ideas lab” and help shape the future of the road and mobility sectors.

I want to join!

  • Age Requirement: Must be between 22 to 35 years old at the time of the membership application.
  • Experience: A graduate student or a young professional in the road or mobility sector. Emphasizing the sectors’ multidisciplinary characteristics, all professional contributory to the goals of the programme are welcome.
  • Other Skills: Demonstrated leadership skills and proactivity is desired. Members are expected to contribute to the development and implementation of IRF YP activities.

The Leadership Team


Frederic is a Senior Mobility Consultant at Neckermann Stratregic Advisors. He researches, advises and speaks about the strategic impacts of future mobility and smart city trends. He is the co author of multiple smart mobility reports and co-wrote the book “Being Driven, a study on human adoption and private ownership of autonomous vehicles.”

The Philippines

Ray is a senior economic development specialist in the National Economic and Development Authority in the Philippines. He works on regional policy formulation and planning specifically on the fields of environment, infrastructure, land use and transport. A civil engineer by profession, he has been a staunch road safety advocate.


Shashank is the Founder and CEO of Ekak Innovations in India which is active in the mobility, sustainability and livelihood space with core focus in the product innovation. He is passionate about the role of technology in building a smarter and safer future in mobility with primary focus on connected vehicles, autonomous mobility and AI.


Tendekayi is a civil engineer
consultant for the World Bank Group. He is also a junior transport engineer for KST Consultants in Zimbabwe. Tendekayi has worked in various projects in Zimbabwe as a highway maintenance consultant and road safety specialist. He is an accredited practitioner with iRAP.