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Data is the present and the future. IRF provides insights into the sector and beyond by annually publishing the World Road Statistics (WRS) and by facilitating analysis and use of data via the IRF Road Data Warehouse.

The IRF World Road Statistics

The IRF has been producing the IRF World Road Statistics (WRS) for over 50 years. Since 1964, the World Road Statistics (WRS) have been an invaluable reference tool for stakeholders and researchers who want to analyse, understand and report on worldwide, regional and national trends and developments in surrounding various topics such as: Road networks – Road traffic volumes – Multi-modal transport – Vehicle fleets – Country profile – Road accidents – Production, first registrations, imports and exports of vehicles – Expenditures and revenues on road infrastructure, Energy and much more. For testimonials from various leading organisations on the breadth and quality of the WRS data see

The WRS 2019 edition, published in September 2019, includes data on 56 indicators for more than 200 countries. The uniqueness and quality of the IRF WRS data draws on the fact that it is collected annually through a survey administered by the IRF to a solid network of primary statistical sources (National Ministries of Transport, Public Works, Road & Transport Authorities, Statistical Offices, etc.). The collected data then goes through a thorough verification and validation process and is complemented further through secondary sources such as countries’ transport or statistical yearbooks. 

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The IRF Global Road Data Warehouse

Initiated thanks to the generous support of the Total Foundation, the IRF Data Warehouse is a web-based global road data platform and warehouse that can complement and support national and regional efforts around collection and management of data and also significantly contribute to capacity building and advocacy activities around a number of topics and in particular on road safety. Using the entire time series of the IRF World Road Statistics the platform enables immediate and effective data analysis and is complemented by a series of dashboards and interactive data visualisation tools.

Overall, the Data Warehouse is intended to deliver value by improving data collection methods, storage, sharing, analysis, and improved usage to provide more effective data driven policies and activities, especially with regard to road safety.

The platform is programmed in a way that allows plug-in and integration of other datasets and aims at supporting the work around the Regional Road Safety Observatories being set up in different regions of the world.

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