Knowledge & Expertise

IRF fosters innovation and progress by providing access to and sharing cutting-edge knowledge and expertise.

Membership with IRF offers a wide range of opportunities to access and exchange knowledge and expertise through Technical Committees, through ad hoc workshops, through training courses, and webinars. It provides a varied platform for exchange among peers, to forge new collaborations for projects, as well as for seizing new business opportunities.

IRF works with members and partners on a variety of PROJECTS whether funded by private (eg. Foundations) or institutional donors (eg. World Bank, European Union, Organization of Islamic Cooperation and others) thus helping research and the development of innovative solutions on a wealth of issues.

IRF has extensive experience in designing, coordinating and delivering TRAININGS and other educational programs for road professionals and executives all over the world.  In addition, the IRF has developed several software tools to support the road sector with more and better road relevant data.  These courses and tools include amongst others:

  • Senior Road Executives program
  • Rural Roads for Development
  • HDM4 for Road Management
  • International Courses on Road Safety Engineering and Audits
  • International Courses on Road Safety Infrastructure Management tools
  • Fleet Management
  • Asset Management and Performance-Based Contracts
  • National courses on Enhanced First Aid
  • RADAR – a software tool to support the collection and management of crash data
  • CHANGER – a software tool for estimating greenhouse gas emissions from road construction

IRF has Memorandum of Understandings (MoUs) with a number of well-reputed institutions to further research, the exchange of knowledge and expertise.

IRF’s expertise and leadership in delivering trainings and road safety trainings in particular is acknowledged worldwide and has won IRF the Prince Michael International Road Safety Award in 2017.

The Global Transport Knowledge Practice (gTKP) is IRF’s knowledge hub hosting, among others, also knowledge resources and tools gathered or produced by the United Nations Road Safety Collaboration group (UNRSC).