International Road Federation (IRF )

The IRF Board of Directors elects Anouar Benazzouz as Vice-President of IRF

Mr Anouar Benazzouz, Director General of Autoroute du Maroc (ADM) has been unanimously appointed Vice-President of IRF (Geneva) by the IRF Board of Directors. The Board of Directors met on 27 June – right before the General Assembly – to review advancement on the programme of work 2018 and discuss plans for the future. Mr Benazzouz has been actively involved in IRF since he joined ADM. Sustainable Mobility has been a distinctive feature of his action within ADM and also in his engagement with IRF. Under his leadership, two landmark conferences on sustainable mobility were hosted in fact in Morocco in 2016 during COP22 and in 2017. “There cannot be sustainable transport and mobility without sustainable infrastructure. While we think and create the mobility of the future, we need to ensure that we do not forget the basics: proper land-use planning, resources preservation and conservation of our invaluable natural patrimony” said Mr Benazzouz in commenting on his election.