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Sandra Angel

Sandra Angel

Presidency Adviser, National Infrastructure Agency (ANI)

Civil Engineer, Specialist in Engineering Project Management, Land Use, and Environment, Expert in Land Transportation, trained in urban train systems, with extensive professional experience in project direction, coordination, planning, structuring, and implementation of engineering projects, primarily related to urban development, infrastructure, public spaces, roads, and mass transit systems. Involvement in inter-institutional coordination and collaboration with multilateral banks for infrastructure, transportation, and communication project execution.

She has worked in various organisations such as the Ministry of Transportation as the coordinator of the Sustainable Urban Mobility Unit, where she led the execution of Mass Transit Integrated Systems, rail, and strategic projects in the country, co-financed by the nation. She served as the Director of the Infrastructure Planning Unit (UPIT) at the Mayor’s Office of Bogotá, worked with the United Nations, IDU (Bogotá’s Urban Development Institute), where she held the position of Deputy General Director of Infrastructure, and with METROCALI as the Vice President of Operations and Infrastructure, as well as the Deputy General Manager of Transmilenio.

She has also provided technical consultancy on various infrastructure and transportation projects and worked as the Deputy Director of Infrastructure and Public Space at the District Planning Administrative Department.

Additionally, she has held positions at organisations such as Telecom, Inravisión, the Department of Traffic and Transportation, among others throughout her professional career.

Currently, she serves as an Advisor to the Presidency of the National Infrastructure Agency (ANI).