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Ricardo Lobo

Ricardo Lobo

Global Head of Innovation, Aleatica

Ricardo Lobo is currently leading the R&D Department at ALEATICA, an IFM Compan. He oversees 19 concessions in Spain and Latin America, focusing on Toll Roads, Railways, Airports, and Ports. Before ALEATICA, Ricardo served as R&D Manager at OHL CONCESIONES in Madrid.

With a background in transportation engineering, Ricardo led project teams at Equipo Técnicos en Transporte from 2000 to 2007. He holds a degree in Civil Engineering, Cartography, and Geodesy from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid.

Apart from his professional roles, Ricardo has been engaged in social services through VOLUNTARIOS OHL since March 2008. Skilled in Innovation Management and Team Leadership, he is fluent in Spanish, and proficient in English, and French.