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Konstantinos Koutsoukos

Konstantinos Koutsoukos

President, Hellastron

Mr. Koutsoukos became on June 2021, President of “HELLASTRON” (HELLENIC ASSOCIATION of TOLL ROAD NETWORK). He was also elected in 2014, as General Secretary of the newly formed organization “Greek Infrastructures and Routes with Toll” with the distinctive title «HELLASTRON». HELLASTRON was founded with the participation of all eight tollway companies currently operate in Greece with a network of 2,500 km motorways. Mr. Koutsoukos was elected member of Executive Committee COMEX in Asecap, European Association of Highways with Toll in 2014, alongside with the representation of Greek highways to join of Asecap the same year.

Since 2019, Konstantinos Koutsoukos is the CEO and Managing Director of Egnatia odos SA. He is a Transportation – Civil Engineer and a member of Egnatia Odos SA since 1997. Egnatia Odos SA is a company responsible for study construction, operation, maintenance and exploitation of Egnatia tollway, of a highway that exceeds in length the 1000 Km and crosses north Greece from West and the Port of Hgoumenitsa to the East at the Greek Turkish borders. Mr. Koutsoukos held different upper administrative positions and since 2006 served as a Director of Operations while today is a Director of Exploitation, responsible for the toll operation for the highway.

He holds more than 25 years of experience in USA and Europe focusing in transportation projects. He has worked for six years at a Governmental agency (NCTCOG) in Texas USA, responsible for planning and design for transportation projects, airports, highway and rail. He has worked with projects involving Intelligent Transportation Systems applications.  

He holds a diploma in Civil Engineer from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (1988) and two Masters Degrees from USA where he completed graduate studies in Transportation Engineering (Masters of Science in Civil Engineering) with scholarship from the University of Minnesota (1991) and graduate studies in Economics and Finance from the University of Texas with scholarship (1995).  

Mr. Koutsoukos represents the Greek government participation to European Community in Electronic Toll and Interoperability issues from 2002, while constitutes founding member since 2007 of a Greek Government Authority, responsible for the Licensing of Operating of tunnels to Greek territory.  

He is a Member of Technical Chamber of Greece (TEE) from the 1989. Member of American Society of Civil Engineers-ASCE) and Institute Transportation Engineering (Institute of Transportation Engineers ITE).  

Mr. Koutsoukos has plethora publications in international conferences related to Transportation, the first one in 1990 where he was awarded at annual Transportation Research Board (TRB) for studies in accidents (Transportation Research Board conference in Washington D.C.).