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January 2009


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St Petersburg







IRF presents view on Urban PPPs in St. Petersburg


On Tuesday 16 and Wednesday 17 December 2008 a Euroconvention seminar on Financing Infrastructure, Municipalities and Regional Development in Russia was organized in St.Petersburg, Russia. The focus of the seminar was on the ambitious infrastructure and PPP programme currently being advocated in Russia, which is likely to provide a vast amount of infrastructure finance. In view of deteriorating economic circumstances, the seminar was organized to ensure sustained support and enthusiasm for the foreseen projects.

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The IRF 60 Years Anniversary Movieclip Slideshow




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Upcoming Events




18-19 February 2009

SMI Seminar : Financing Options for partnerships PPP/PFI

London, UK


9-12 March 2009

World of Asphalt Show, World of Aggregates Forum and Expo

Orlando, USA


6-7 May 2009

China Road Summit 2009

Shanghai, China


21-23 April 2009

Traffex 2009
Birmingham, UK


11-23 May 2009

Senior Road Executive Course of Birmingham University

Birmingham, UK


October 2009

IRF seminar on Road Safety and PPP

Cairo, Egypt




25-28 May 2010

IRF World Road Meeting 2010

Lisbon, Portugal




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IRF Bulletin Special Edition : Africa

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IRF Road Data Centre role.





The IRF GPC announces the creation of the “IRF Road Data Centre”


The International Road Federation (IRF) has 45 years of experience in the fields of road infrastructure and transport statistics and can draw on a worldwide network of contacts and collaborators among statistical offices and road administrations.

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Winners of the 2008 GRAA


TRB Annual Meeting looks at Energy and Climate change


The 88th annual meeting of the Transportation Research Board held in Washington from 11-15 January 2009 has attracted around 10.000 transportation professionals from around the world. With ‘Transportation, Energy and Climate change’ as central theme for this 2009 edition, nearly 600 sessions have provided policy-makers, practitioners, researchers and government representative with the latest insights and research findings on all transportation modes.


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The PEP High-level Meeting on Transport, Health and the Environment


IRF features at the PEP High-level Meeting on Transport, Health and the Environment


The third High-level meeting of the Pan-European Programme for Transport, Health and Environment (THE PEP) gathered in Amsterdam on 22-23 January. Ministers, high-level officials from Ministries of Transport, Health and Environment and non-governmental organizations of 38 countries of the European region (including Central Asia and the Caucasus) renew their political commitment for sustainable and healthy transport by approving the “Amsterdam Declaration”.

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Susanna Zammataro , Nathalie Pereira
Dimitri Hebert


IRF Geneva Office


The IRF Geneva office had a very busy year in 2008. There will be exciting times ahead of us, despite the challenging economic situation. Many new projects come our way and new sources of funding were tapped.

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Rectification Newsletter December 2008

In the article “Call for political leadership to stimulate successful PPPs in Tanzania” an error was made. H.E. Hezekiah Chibulunje is the Deputy Minister for Infrastructure Development and not for Labour, Employment & Youth Development.









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Important Dates for Your Diary


26 March 2009

The Potential of PPP in Europe

Budapest, Hungary



6-7 May 2009

China Road Summit 2009

Shanghai, China



11-23 May 2009

Senior Road Executive Course of Birmingham University

Birmingham, UK



25-28 May 2010

International Road Federation
World Road
Meeting 2010

Lisbon, Portugal





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