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Clarissa Han

Clarissa Han

Chief Technology Leader, Network Sustainability and Resilience, ARRB / NTRO

Dr Clarissa Han leads the ARRB Sustainability and Resilience Strategic Working Group (SWG) in delivering high profile research on the use of recycled or alternative materials for sustainable road and transport infrastructure, assessment and development of resilient infrastructure, climate change adaptation, environmental impact assessment and advisory, life cycle assessment and economic evaluations of transport options, and sustainable future mobility solutions.

Clarissa also advises the ARRB Future Transport Systems Division in her capacity with 23+ years of engineering and research experience in traffic studies and analysis, congestion cost estimation, transport management and operations, and emerging ITS technologies and tools. After joining ARRB in 2007, Clarissa has been the major contributor to various national guidelines, standards and specifications in network operations, traffic and transport management and ITS evaluation and benchmarking. Clarissa is leading the Australian national forum on ‘Excessive congestion cost and travel time reliability cost’. She is also researching and delivering the Movement and Place Framework and impact assessment of emerging transport modes on community, society and environment.

Clarissa has been the TRB peer reviewer of multiple mobility committees since 2016. She is the current Australian member of the PIARC Mobility Strategic Theme TC2.4 Road Network Operations/ITS (2020-24) and the Working Group Leader of TC2.4.2. Clarissa is also the board member of the International Road Federation (IRF). She is a regular speaker on various international conferences or forums such as the TRB Annual Meeting, the ITS World Congress and PIARC conferences etc.