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Ammar Bin Waqar

Ammar Bin Waqar

Chief Technology Officer, Transconomy LLC

Mr. Ammar Bin Waqar heads the technology section of Transconomy LLC. Mr. Waqar holds a
multitude of expertise including but not limited to product strategy, market penetration, artificial
intelligence, computer vision, LiDAR, and computation. Mr. Waqar holds a master’s degree in
Mechanical Engineering, from the University of South Florida in Tampa, FL.

From ideation to product launch and now to growth and portfolio management, Mr. Waqar led
and drove the planning, strategy, solution design, product development, business development,
and service delivery for Transconomy.

Mr. Waqar assessed the market, discovered clients, and negotiated over $1 Million of
partnership and services deals with key consulting firms in the US transportation industry based
on insights gathered in the product development phase and by fostering relationships.

Mr. Waqar now primarily focuses on Go-To-Market planning, business development, and
product enhancement of Transconomy with the aim of servicing transportation engineering
consulting firms in the US to make data-driven decisions to ultimately improve road safety and
save lives.