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Ahmed Baroudi

Ahmed Baroudi

Managing Director, Energy Investment Company of Morocco (SIE)

Ahmed BAROUDI – PhD, is the founding Managing Director of the Energy Investment Company of Morocco, SIE, (later refocused as Energy Engineering Company) a state agency of the Kingdom of Morocco, since its inception in February 2010. Dr Baroudi recently transformed SIE into an Energy Engineering Company (or Super ESCO of Morocco) to help achieve Morocco’s Energy Efficiency targets for 2030 of 20% energy consumption reduction by implementing a real paradigm shift in the sector, leveraging the dynamic economic strengths of the private sector. 

His career is highlighted by overcoming challenges, strong technological and industrial expertise focused, then gradually evolved to include commercial, business and strategic expertise. 

His management experience began as Project Director within operational production teams, working on the hardware and software design of complex telecom systems, in coordination with high-level Program teams. Thereafter, Dr. Baroudi pivoted his focus to International Trade and Business Development, in an environment of strong, global, industrial competition. 

Dr. Baroudi then joined another European group, a world leader in space, where after close  cooperation with the European Space Agency, he oversaw activities in Africa with regard to Earth observation and Science, particularly within the framework of the “European Union – Africa” cooperation. For example, he coordinated the deployment of several operational teams in the 5 major regions of Africa with one principle: “Act for/by and with Africa”. 

Ahmed Baroudi also contributed to the creation of the International University of Rabat. He also created with his friends the association “Conference of Rabat for Sustainable Development” for the benefit of young people and is often involved in promoting gender parity. 

Ahmed Baroudi has an important international career which he readily made available to his country when he returned to Morocco in February 2010 to support Morocco’s decarbonization efforts.