IRF Pioneering Sustainable Urban Mobility  at the ITS World Congress 2023 

IRF Pioneering Sustainable Urban Mobility  at the ITS World Congress 2023 

In the dynamic landscape of urban mobility, where the world’s bustling cities strive to meet the demands of efficient and sustainable transportation, the ITS World Congress 2023 emerged as a beacon of innovation. Held at the Suzhou International Expo Center in China from 16 to 20 October, this prestigious event once again served as a platform to promote the research of cutting-edge techologies in the field and the application of intelligent transportation systems. 

The International Road Federation (IRF), with its longstanding dedication to enhancing urban mobility, took a prominent role in shaping the discourse at the Congress. 

As the world gathered to explore the latest advancements in urban transportation systems, IRF Deputy General, Gonzalo Alcaraz, played a pivotal role in enriching the discourse. On the first day of the Congress, Alcaraz joined a panel of esteemed speakers for the executive session “Active Modes and ITS,” where he discussed how integrating ITS and other technologies into urban planning and management can lead to the creation of liveable, efficient, and sustainable environments that benefit everyone.  

Later, on 19 October, Mr Alcaraz took the role of moderator on the special interest session “Intelligent Connected Urban Transport and Smart Governance”, organised by the International Road Federation (IRF) and the China Highway and Transportation Society (CHTS). The session provided a platform for interactive dialogue between transport officials, state authorities, technology providers, and agency executives. It welcomed high-level speakers from the China ITS Industry Alliance, the Mobility Innovation Alliance Japan, and the Southeast University of China, among others. Together, they explored deployment scenarios, engineering measures, and business models being developed by various sectors to facilitate the transition towards autonomous mobility, while ensuring residents receive the necessary support. 

IRF further contributed to technical and scientific sessions on Communication Technologies and Cooperative Systems; Pilots, trials and tests of Intelligent and Autonomous Vehicles; and Next Generation of Traffic Management. 

Commenting on this edition of the Congress, Mr. Alcaraz stated “Participating in this edition of the ITS World Congress has been an enlightening experience. The discussions and collaborations at this event truly reflect the future of urban mobility, and I’m honoured to have played a part in shaping it.” The active engagement in the fields of autonomous mobility, ITS, and urban transportation exemplifies the Federation’s unwavering commitment to delivering efficient and sustainable mobility systems. 

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