Fostering and Celebrating Collaboration and Partnerships

Fostering and Celebrating Collaboration and Partnerships

The PIARC World Road Congress held in Prague on 2-6 October 2023 offered a unique platform for the IRF to engage in meaningful discussions with its members and partners, reinforcing its commitment to advancing sustainable mobility solutions. In recognition of their exceptional contribution throughout these past 75 years, IRF had the pleasure of presenting the IRF 75th Anniversary Award to PIARC – World Road Association as well as to other IRF members present in Prague.

The IRF week at PIARC Congress kicked off with the hosting of a senior-executives meeting coordinated with the Australian Road Research Board (now the National Transport Research Organisation). Representatives from US DOTS part of the delegation of the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) had the opportunity to exchange with senior executives from the public and private sector part of the Australian delegation present at the meeting as well as with European members of the IRF. The discussion touched upon the status of preparedness for large EV deployment, policy and regulatory frameworks, new technologies, energy and resource efficiency, workforce and much more.

IRF also hosted bilateral talks with the Qatar Transportation and Traffic Safety Centre (QTTSC) of the University of Qatar. Linked by an MoU, IRF and QTTSC have been deploying regular capacity-building activities with a specific focus on road safety. Plans are on-going for further expansion of the capacity-building offer.

Together with iRAP, IRF connected with the Senegalese delegation to discuss the new Ten Step Project that will be implemented in Senegal thanks to the support of the United Nations Road Safety Fund (UNRSF). Following the successful pilot in Tanzania, this new project will assist Senegal in structuring and delivering better road safety management in the country.

Beside Senegal, IRF hosted bilaterals with a number of the national delegations present including with the South African Minister of Transport Sindisiwe Lydia Chikunga, patron of the SATC conference that IRF has been supporting regularly over the past years. These meetings aimed to explore avenues for future cooperation, with a focus on accelerating the development of sustainable mobility solutions.

A noteworthy recognition was extended to PIARC – the World Road Association itself. This recognition highlighted the decades-long partnership between the two organisations and the invaluable contributions they have made together to the road sector over the years.

“Receiving the IRF 75th Anniversary Award is a great honour that underscores the enduring partnership between PIARC and IRF in advancing global road infrastructure. This recognition reflects our joint commitment to shaping a safer, more efficient, and sustainable world through innovative road solutions” commented PIARC President, Nazir Alli, on the reception of the IRF 75th Anniversary Award.

The PIARC World Road Congress 2023 served as a significant platform for the IRF to reflect on its history, celebrate its achievements, and reaffirm its dedication to shaping the future of transportation through collaboration and innovation. As the road sector continues to evolve, the IRF remains committed to its mission of delivering mobility systems that are safe, sustainable, and that leave no one behind.

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