Lima Expresa Introduces an AI Accident Detection System to Improve Safety on its Roads

Lima Expresa Introduces an AI Accident Detection System to Improve Safety on its Roads

Lima, Peru, London, UK, 22 September 2023 – To improve their road safety and road management, LIMA EXPRESA, a VINCI Highways company and the concessionaire of the Vía de Evitamiento and the Línea Amarilla express road, announces the successful deployment of an automatic accidents detection system. First of its kind in Peru, it leverages AI and advanced data analytics to improve road safety and increase road operations efficiency. 

The Vía de Evitamiento and the Línea Amarilla express road are vital for the 10 million inhabitants’ Peruvian capital. Serving as primary connectors between key transport hubs, these arteries help to alleviate congestion in the historic centre of Lima and offer reduction in journey times for their users. With the growing traffic, currently standing at 200,000 vehicles per day, it is expected that the total number of road events in 2023 will reach 14,000, — a sharp 17% rise from 12,000 in 2022. This trend over past years shows the increased need for leveraging technology in traffic monitoring and management, especially for incidents detection. 

In 2021 LIMA EXPRESA’s initiative to deploy an innovative automatic incidents detection system received co-financing as Open Innovation category winner by ProInnóvate programme of the Ministry of Production in Peru. To achieve this, LIMA EXPRESA partnered with Valerann, global leader in advanced traffic monitoring solutions.   

Lanternn by Valerann™ (LbV) is an AI platform for real-time road traffic monitoring. It is the core of the LIMA EXPRESA automatic incidents detection system. The solution detects over 95% of all road incidents in under five minutes. This is achieved by ingesting multiple data sources, such as traffic PTZ cameras, roadside infrastructure, Waze and Google Maps detecting anomalies and delivering accurate road traffic information in real time. It removes road authorities’ reliance on manual events verification by detecting and identifying road incidents while providing information on the exact incident location, cause, and severity of the incidents. 

Using Lanternn by Valerann™, the LIMA EXPRESA team at the modernized Argos Operations Control Center, can significantly reduce incidents response time, increase road safety and improve resources management, including inspection vehicles, light and heavy tow trucks, an ambulance, fire engine and road sweepers. Further enhancing road safety, the system facilitates preventative measures for road accidents management by detecting pedestrians and stopped vehicles in potentially dangerous zones. 

“Our collaboration with LIMA EXPRESA is more than just a collaboration; it’s a commitment to saving lives. Lanternn by Valerann™ will truly revolutionize road safety and traffic management on major arteries in Lima. We’re proud to be part of this transformative journey.” – says Gabriel Jacobson, CEO and co-founder of Valerann.

“As part of VINCI Highways, innovation is part of our DNA at LIMA EXPRESA. This desire to innovate led us to win the ProInnóvate Contest and deploy this revolutionary automatic detection system to improve our service for thousands of customers who travel our roads as well as to continue reinforcing our accidents prevention and road safety culture. Between 2016 and 2022 we achieved a 70% reduction of serious accidents, and with the strategic use of latest technology, we hope to further reduce the rate of accidents on our roads,” – says Janis Rey, CEO of VINCI Highways and General Manager of LIMA EXPRESA. 

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