Successful Crash Investigation Course Hosted in Qatar 

Successful Crash Investigation Course Hosted in Qatar 

Organised by the International Road Federation together with the Qatar Transportation and Traffic Safety Centre (University of Qatar) with the support of Kathib&Alami, the course « Introduction to crash Investigation” was hosted in Doha, on 10 – 12 September 2023 at Qatar University. 

Welcoming participants from the region and beyond, the goal of the training was to present the principles and techniques of road crash investigation and to provide a comprehensive explanation of how on-scene investigations and reporting are conducted, serving as a practical guideline for real-life scenarios.  

“The programme is specifically designed to familiarise investigators with the intricacies of crash investigation as a highly specialised field within forensics” said Benjamin Van Rooyen, lead trainer.

“This short learning programme will be followed by a more advanced applied crash investigation programme, which will concentrate on a wide range of issues to further enhance the skills of crash investigators” commented Dr Wael K. M. Alhajyaseen from the Qatar Transportation and Traffic Management Centre (QTTSC). “ Together with IRF we work at expanding our training offer” he added. 

“We are delighted to continue our fruitful collaboration with the University of Qatar and to work jointly to empower professionals with the knowledge and skills they need to proactively minimise road crash risks and effectively reduce fatalities and injuries on our roads” said Susanna Zammataro, Director General of the International Road Federation in celebrating the successful conclusion of this course. 

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