Highlights from a Successful ITF Summit in Leipzig

Highlights from a Successful ITF Summit in Leipzig

The International Road Federation (IRF) was pleased to join the transport community at the International Transport Forum (ITF) held in Leipzig on 24-26 May. The summit, centred around the theme “Transport Enabling Sustainable Economies,” brought together experts, policymakers, and industry leaders to discuss and promote sustainable and inclusive transport solutions. 

Under the theme “Unlocking Economic Growth in Low-income Countries Through Sustainable and Inclusive Transport”, the IRF together with the High-Volume Transport Research (HVT) Programme and the Sustainable Mobility for All (SuM4All) initiative, hosted a side event to discuss how sustainable, green and inclusive transport can support and not hinder economic growth in LICs, considering trends such as transit-oriented development, inclusive urban planning, and innovative decision support tools. Moderated by IRF Director General, Susanna Zammataro, the side event welcomed experts from the transport sector including Crystal Asige (Kenyan Parliament), Amanda Ngabirano (National Physical Planning Board, Uganda), Sonal Shah (The Urban Catalysts) and Heather Thompson (ITDP).

“Public transport, walking, and cycling are the most affordable. We need policies that encourage these modes. If more people can access transportation, that gives opportunities to and to cities to grow” expressed Heather Thompson from the ITDP during the side event. 

On 24 May, the Press Event “Flip the Hierarchy! Making Roads Safe for All” marked the launch of the new SuM4All Report “Enhancing Policy & Action for Safe Mobility”. The report is the result of the work of the SuM4All Working Group on Safe Mobility, led by IRF together with Michelin. The report provides actionable guidance for public authorities (national & local) and practitioners to achieve sustainable mobility by enhancing road safety. The Press Event welcomed high-level speakers including Jorge Delgado (Portugal’s Secretary of State for Urban Mobility), Nicolas Beaumont (Michelin’s Senior VP Sustainable Development & Impact), Binyam Reja (The World Bank’s Global Practice Manager for Transport) and Susanna Zammataro (IRF’s Director General). The press release and report can be accessed here

“This work exemplifies the invaluable convening power of SuM4All and the impact that it can generate. Road safety needs, more than ever, coordinated approaches and hands-on guidance that can help drastically reduce deaths and injuries on our roads. In line with IRF’s mission and work aiming at enhancing partnerships to deliver better mobility systems for all, we have been delighted to coordinate this work. By flipping the hierarchy and putting people first, we are able to deliver not only safe but also more sustainable journeys to all” commented Susanna Zammataro, IRF Director General on the launch of the SuM4All Report. 

The Summit offered a unique stage to launch the United Nations Road Safety Fund Annual Report. IRF DG, Susanna Zammataro joined Nneka Henry, Head, UN Road Safety Fund, Daniela Kluckert, Parliamentary State Secretary, Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport, (Germany) Jean Todt, UN Special Envoy for Road Safety & Olga Algayerova, Executive Secretary (UNECE) Nicolas Beaumont, Senior Vice President, Sustainable Development and Impact (Michelin Group), Diego Giuliano, Minister for Transport, Argentina. In presenting the achievements of the Ten Step Plan Project in Tanzania, IRF DG commented: “The success of the local Tanzanian partners in implementing the Ten Step Plan has showcased how partnerships supported by the UN Road Safety Fund can deliver rapid life-saving improvements in road safety capacity and performance. And this stands as an inspiration to other countries around the world”. 

The last day of the Summit, saw a second side event organised jointly by SuM4All, the Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety, the International Road Federation (IRF), and Michelin. Under the theme “Enhancing Policy, Action & Accountability for Safe Mobility” representatives from IRF, The Global Alliance, the Urban Catalysts, the Interamerican Development Bank (IBD) the Global Road Safety Facility (GRSF) / The World Bank, the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) and the Minister of Transport and Telecommunications of Chile, Juan Carlos Muñoz, debated on how to embed the Safe System approach to road safety in national, subnational, and urban transport planning. The new SuM4All Report and the Global Alliance’s Accountability Toolkit were presented as two key resources that can help and drive the transition.  

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