SWISSTRAFFIC AG Strengthens its International Competencies and Expands to France and Slovenia

SWISSTRAFFIC AG Strengthens its International Competencies and Expands to France and Slovenia

The SWISSTRAFFIC Group, an economically and professionally independent organisation specialised in Smart Mobility and Intelligent Traffic Management solutions expands its activities by launching two new companies abroad: SWAROO SAS in France, and SWAROO d.o.o. in Slovenia.

While the societies will work independently, this expansion will contribute to the strengthening of the areas of work of the SWISSTRAFFIC Group, including Intelligent Mobility, Traffic Planning, Traffic Safety and Counting and the development of Mobility Sensors with AI. With a varied team of Mobility Engineers, Traffic Planners, Computer Scientists, Data Scientists, Traffic Modellers, Traffic Psychologists, Electrical Engineers and Technicians, AI and Dashboard Specialists, and System Engineers, the Group is ready to continue working to shape the future of mobility.

Data + Mobility Experts

SWISSTRAFFIC’s unique proposition is “everything from a single source”: from data collection (extensive sensors) to problem-solving by its mobility engineers. Their strengths lie in customer orientation, dedicated and timely service and constantly seeking for the optimal solution.

Sustainability with Innovation

Mobility for the SWISSTRAFFIC Group is one of the most important influencing factors for sustainability. New products and services are evolving worldwide at an ever-faster pace, offering a multitude of possibilities. At the same time, companies, governments, cities and other stakeholders struggle to draw the right conclusions. Their goal is to support their clients and approach this highly complex topic with a holistic approach. For more than two decades, their team of mobility experts has been a reliable resource anyone can rely on. 


Alain Bützberger founded SWISSTRAFFIC AG in Switzerland in 1999, and it quickly established branches in key cities such as Zurich, Ittigen, Brig, Sion, and Lausanne. The company’s expertise in intelligent mobility solutions soon attracted a growing demand from both national and international clients, prompting SWISSTRAFFIC to expand its operations overseas. The recent expansion to France and Slovenia is nothing else but the continuation of its strategic growth plan.

If you would like to learn more about SWISSTRAFFIC, visit their website or follow them on LinkedIn.

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