IRIS and EGIS Tackling Safety in Tunnel Roadways 

IRIS and EGIS Tackling Safety in Tunnel Roadways 

IRIS R&D Group Inc. and Egis partnered to strengthen road user safety and maintenance service levels on critical road and tunnel infrastructures in Brisbane, Australia. 

Tunnel Network Services (TNS), an Egis subsidiary, outfitted irisGO technology to their motorway patrol motorbikes to intelligently capture asset conditions on the Inner-City Bypass and adjacent roads.

IRIS melded the power of infratech innovation and computer vision to geospatially record anomalies, automatically create remediation work orders, and visually capture a complete inventory of all road repairs and their assets through the irisCity dashboard.

Before the operational rollout, both companies completed an inventory capture of all assets in the field and conducted a pavement assessment study comparing the results of more traditional LIDAR methods with IRIS’ solution. This collaboration resulted in the development of new technological features such as utilising them on motorbikes and for tunnels. 

Motorbikes allow for research and experiment of different camera sensor options for best quality images and improved mechanical camera mount to reduce vibrations. The agility of motorbikes helps improve efficiency because it can move through traffic and road patrolling will not require heavy equipment on heavier vehicles.

IRIS is training AI models for new defect types relevant to tunnels, such as, cracks in walls that can lead to water seepage, accumulation of water, and system redesign to accommodate low light conditions in tunnels. These are critical to the safety of their motorists.  

The teams are also in the process of developing the use of in-tunnel drone technology to eliminate the risk of physical inspections in confined spaces.

The implementation of the IRIS’ infratech innovation is one among many initiatives that empower EGIS to modernize the delivery of road operations and maintenance. The partnership is progressing to push the standard operations to improve efficiency, effectiveness, safety and sustainability goals.

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