Valerann Delivers a Fully Remote Advanced Traffic Monitoring System (ATMS) Deployment

Valerann Delivers a Fully Remote Advanced Traffic Monitoring System (ATMS) Deployment

London, UK, December 6, 2022: In partnership with Openvia Mobility, Valerann – a global leader in advanced traffic monitoring and data analytics solutions – has successfully completed a fully remote deployment of its flagship platform, Lanternn by ValerannTM (LbV), on the Costa Arauco motorway in Chile. This approach, believed to be the first of its kind, revolutionises the mobility sector and reduces deployment costs for ATMS systems.

This project represents a turning point in the Transportation industry and highlights the potential for a wider use of advanced technology solutions for road traffic management. Traditionally reliant on lengthy deployments with project teams present on-site, the industry now can benefit from accelerated value delivery and minimised disruption to control centre operations. This innovative deployment approach also enables remote maintenance of mission-critical software, decreasing risk of downtime. It also reduces the cost barrier to road operators and municipalities, many of whom can now for the first time afford these life-saving systems.

With an affordable ATMS like LbV in place, operators can harness the solution’s unique features to better coordinate responses to traffic events, ensuring smoother traffic flow and fewer fatalities. Resources can be prioritised and allocated to the most significant incidents, which means fewer patrol and emergency vehicles are required. Thanks to LbV’s Machine Vision layer, camera footage can be reviewed automatically, which frees up the workforce to focus on higher value tasks. In this way, the costs savings and benefits compound over time, allowing operators to do more (and better) with less.

Autopista Costa Arauco in the Biobío region is an 89 km stretch of motorway and is vital for the Chilean cellulose industry. In 2021, the motorway saw average daily traffic of 27,112 vehicles – an increase of 18% from the previous year.

Valerann’s engineering team, located in London (UK) and Tel-Aviv (Israel), successfully collaborated with Chilean teams to complete the installation in a matter of weeks. The deployment included integration of 9 cameras for road monitoring, 15 cameras located at the 3 toll, and 8 response operation vehicles including ambulances, tow trucks and patrol. Costa Arauco traffic control operators now benefit from LvB’s Monitor and Manage modules which enable faster incident detection and response, improved safety measures, and enhanced performance against concession KPIs.

“This ITS technology solution allows us to respond more efficiently to traffic incidents in real time and facilitates the prevention of high-impact traffic events. This new way of implementing the solution remotely has been a learning process from which we have all benefited,” says Moises Vargas, Manager of Autopista Costa Arauco.

“This deployment is a true milestone and a turning point for Valerann, as it shows the potential for the industry transformation.” says Ran Katzir, CTO of Valerann. “We are very proud of the work we have delivered, which would not have been possible without a close collaboration with a forward-thinking and innovative partner such as Globalvia. Working together, we were able to deliver this complex project, providing many benefits to Costa Arauco.”

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