YOURS Launches the Policymakers Toolkit – Youth and Policy For Road Safety

YOURS Launches the Policymakers Toolkit – Youth and Policy For Road Safety

YOURS – Youth for Road Safety is a global organisation that acts to make the world’s roads safe for youth. YOURS believes that young people have the right to be adequately informed, consulted, and empowered on road safety. We believe in youth and their vital role in helping save lives on the world’s roads, since road traffic crashes are the leading cause of death for adolescents and young adults worldwide.

YOURS has developed a toolkit, with the support of the FIA Foundation, to offer the road safety community and policymakers evidence-based best practices to systematically integrate meaningful youth participation into policy design, implementation, delivery and accountability for road safety and sustainable mobility.

This advocacy tool is designed to support the implementation of the Global Plan, by promoting the meaningful participation of young people, as equal stakeholders.

“Meaningful youth participation means that young people’s experiences, ideas, expertise, and perspectives are systematically integrated into programmatic, policy and decision-making institutions” – Policymakers’ Toolkit.

If you would like to know more, visit the Policymakers toolkit page or get in touch with Stefania Minniti, Advocacy Director

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