2022 Edition of the IRF World Road Statistics Marks the Beginning of a New Open-data Era

2022 Edition of the IRF World Road Statistics Marks the Beginning of a New Open-data Era

Marrakech, 6 October 2022The IRF Annual Conference hosted today in Marrakech saw the launch of the 2022 edition of the IRF World Road Statistics (WRS) which – thanks to the support of the TotalEnergies Foundation and the Michelin Corporate Foundation – become publicly available through the IRF WRS Data Warehouse platform.

Produced since 1964 by the International Road Federation (IRF), the World Road Statistics have become throughout the years an invaluable reference tool for stakeholders who want to analyse, understand and report on worldwide, regional and national trends and developments in the road sector and beyond. The uniqueness and quality of the IRF WRS data draws on the fact that it is collected annually through a survey administered by the IRF to a solid network of primary statistical sources (National Ministries of Transport, Public Works, Road & Transport Authorities, Statistical Offices, etc.). The collected data then undergoes a thorough process of statistical verification and validation.

While until now data has been sold as a commercial product, with the release of the 2022 edition, data will now be accessible for free through the IRF WRS Data Warehouse platform. “Selling the data was never a profit-making activity for our non-profit Federation, but rather a necessity to cover the significant annual cost of producing this piece of work which serves our sector and beyond” said Susanna Zammataro, IRF Director General at the launch ceremony hosted during the IRF Conference staged in Marrakech.

Speaking at the launch ceremony, Jacques-Emmanuel Saulnier, Senior Vice President Citizenship Engagement & General Delegate of the TotalEnergies Foundation commented “Youth is at the core of TotalEnergies Foundation and there cannot be a sustainable future if young people keep on dying massively on our roads. In this regard, we are committed to support IRF’s initiative, to help the development and implementation of evidence-based road safety policies and measures and to support the work of regional road safety observatories around the world”.

“The Michelin Corporate Foundation backs projects which are leading the way towards a more sustainable mobility. Through data driven solutions, we believe we can make a difference and positively impact the life of so many people around the world. We are proud to work with the IRF and to contribute through the new open data policy of the IRF World Road Statistics to the efforts striving to deliver a better mobility for all” commented Forrest Patterson the Michelin Corporate Foundation Director.

This 59th annual edition of the IRF World Road Statistics includes the latest data covering the years 2015 to 2020. It includes over 200 road and transport-sector related indicators across 11 sections, covering more than 200 countries and territories (worldroadstatistics.org).

From left to right: Anouar Benazzouz (President, IRF), Susanna Zammataro (Director General, IRF), Jacques-Emmanuel Saulnier (Senior Vice President Citizenship Engagement & General Delegate of the TotalEnergies Foundation), Benacer Boulaajoul (Director General, NARSA & Steering Committee Chair, ARSO)

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The International Road Federation (IRF) is a global, independent, not-for-profit organisation with headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. Active since 1948, IRF is a membership-based organisation, representing leading corporate and institutional players drawn from the road and mobility sectors worldwide. Its mission is to promote the development of roads and road networks that enable access and sustainable mobility for all. Its approach is centred on key strategic components of knowledge transfer & information sharing, connecting people, businesses and organisations, and working on policy & advocacy. 


The TotalEnergies Foundation program brings together the public-interest initiatives carried out every day worldwide by TotalEnergies and its affiliates. Through the program, TotalEnergies aims to contribute to the vitality of its host communities and regions, with a special focus on young people. The Company works alongside partners in four priority areas: Inclusion & Education; Road Safety; Climate, Coastal Areas & Oceans; and Cultural Dialogue & Heritage. It mobilizes also its employees by giving them the opportunity to devote up to three days of their working time each year to public-interest initiatives. TotalEnergies Foundation hence contributes to the Company’s citizenship engagement.


Created at the beginning of 2014, the Michelin Corporate Foundation has as its purpose to back projects of general interest in all the countries where the Michelin Group is present.

The Foundation supports projects in five areas: Sustainable Mobility, Protecting the Environment, Sport and Health, Education and the Community, Heritage, and the Arts. The Michelin Corporate Foundation support socially committed projects in line with respect and concern for humanity. The fields in which the Foundation operates are broad enough to encourage the many people working in associations, foundations, and charitable organizations to ask for support. The Foundation gives them a new opportunity to show their civic commitment, generosity, and inventiveness.


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