ITS European Congress 2022: Start-ups Win!

ITS European Congress 2022: Start-ups Win!

Three successful companies, Angoka, ASIMOB and MobiQu, were awarded the European Start-Up Prize for Mobility at the ITS European Congress held in Toulouse (France) on 30 May – 01 June 2022.

The three winners of the competition, which is a European Union Acceleration & Investment programme, were chosen from 10 pitches in Toulouse, where Ertico – ITS Europe boss Joost Vantomme handed out the awards.

IRF Start-up Label Winner, ASIMOB, was specifically awarded with the Market Innovation Award. ERTICO recognised the way ASIMOB is approaching the market and the proposal of digital transformation in Operation and Maintenance of roads, due to the impact on Road Safety. ASIMOB connects road managers with their infrastructure, using IoT sensors and cameras in the vehicles themselves to gather updated information about highway and weather conditions.

Internet of Things (IoT) security provider Angoka‘s solutions are designed to enable the cybersecurity and safety of devices, vehicles and networks – “protecting against the negative effects of the boom of IoT and smart devices”, it says. 

And finally, MobiQu‘s solution reflects the increase in last-mile deliveries, integrating IoT into high thermal insulation and active and passive temperature control technologies, creating customisable smart box solutions that allow more deliveries and longer trips.

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