Newsletter – May 2022

Newsletter – May 2022


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I’m pleased to present to you this new issue of the IRF CROSSROADS. The IRF team was very pleased to join the transport community at the ITF 2022 Summit hosted in Leipzig, Germany. A special edition of the Summit not only because it was the first one hosted in person after two years, but also a very special one for us because it marked the start of the IRF Presidency of Mr Anouar Benazzouz.  

A very dense month of activities is behind us but we and our members are already gearing up for other key appointments in the next months. Lots of opportunities to connect, to learn from each other, and to celebrate success. Read about them in this rich edition of our newsletter. 

Good reading! 

Susanna Zammataro
Director General

New IRF President Takes Up Function During ITF 2022 Summit 

IRF chose the International Transport Forum Summit (ITF 2022) hosted in Leipzig on 18-20 May to mark the start of the IRF Presidency of Mr Anouar Benazzouz. Elected by the IRF General Assembly, Benazzouz succeeds to Mr Bill Halkias who has concluded his three-year mandate at the helm of IRF. An intense week of activities for the new IRF President and the IRF team in Leipzig.

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Ten Step Project Featured in the UN Road Safety Fund 2021 Annual Report 

The UN Road Safety Fund launched its 2021 Annual Report in presence of public and private sector and civil society partners at a dedicated event hosted at the ITF Summit. Introduced by the Head of the Fund, Nneka Henry, the report highlights how through greener, cleaner and safer mobility, the Fund has positively impacted people’s quality of life. As a member of the delivering consortium, IRF is proud to see the first results of the Ten Step project being featured in the report. 

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IRF Annual Conference 2022 to be Hosted in Marrakech

The International Road Federation is pleased to announce that the 2022 IRF Annual Conference and the 4th International Conference for Sustainable Mobility will be hosted in person on 06 October in Marrakech. Participation to the conference is free of charge, but a limited number of places are available. 

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Applications for the IRF Start-Up Label 2022 Edition are Now Open 

IRF is calling for the most innovative start-ups in the mobility sector to apply for the second edition of the IRF Start-Up Label. The initiative is designed to support high-potential mobility start-ups by offering them visibility, boosting their reputation, and building trust with potential clients and investors.

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Highlights From a Successful 14th ITS European Congress 

IRF was pleased to support the 14th ITS European Congress, held in Toulouse, France, on 30 May – 01 June 2022, organised by ERTICO – ITS Europe in partnership with Toulouse Métropole. IRF Director General, Susanna Zammataro, and IRF Deputy Director General, Gonzalo Alcaraz spoke and moderated different sessions to discuss autonomous mobility, gender, road safety, international coordination and more. 

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NEW Road Safety Flyers at Level-Crossings Published

In the framework of the UN Decade of Action for Road Safety, the International Road Federation (IRF), the International Union of Railways (UIC), and Operation Lifesaver Estonia have renewed their commitment to raising awareness on level crossings and have jointly published three safety flyers in English, French and Spanish specifically for pedestrians, cyclists, and people with reduced mobility.  

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IRF Young Professionals Summit 2022

The third edition IRF Young Professionals Summit will unfold virtually this 28 September 2022. Young professionals working in the road transport sector are invited to join this annual event. This year’s summit will focus on emerging and future mobility trends responsive to the challenges in climate and sustainability. Speaking opportunities also await young professionals from all over the world. 

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ITF 2022 Side Event on Resilient Transport – Proceedings Available

IRF hosted together with the HVT Research Programme and SuM4All a side event at the International Transport Forum 2022 Summit. Under the theme “Resilient Transport for More Resilient Societies”, the event exposed key findings of HVT’s research on what is needed for a more equitable transport, particularly in times of distress. A summary highlighting the main points of discussion is now available. 

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Call for Sponsors: SARF 2022 Regional Conference for Africa 

IRF is pleased to co-host together with the South African Road Federation and PIARC (World Road Association), the 7th Regional Conference for Africa to be held on 18 – 20 October 2022 in Cape Town, South Africa. Valuable sponsorship & exhibition opportunities are available for those interested in showcasing their work at the conference. 

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PE Roads of Serbia Launches New Road Safety Educational Campaign  

On 13 May 2022, the PE Roads of Serbia – an esteemed member of IRF – hosted a high-level event in Belgrade to present a series of videos for its two on-going educational campaigns “Don’t drive with a stop lane, don’t stop life” and “A Sign means Life”. IRF Director General, Susanna Zammataro, shared some remarks at the opening of the event, which was presided over by the Serbian Minister of Transport, Tomislav Momirović.  

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5th CRISPS Webinar – Proceedings Available 

Aiming at presenting some early findings from the “Climate resilient sustainable road pavement surfacing (CRISPS)” research programme, this new webinar hosted by IRF on 05 May 2022 presented both the planning and set-up phase of the constructability trial for FMA, MEAS and MECS surfacing in Ethiopia. 

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NEW ! Diplôme Universitaire de Sécurité Routière pour l’Afrique 

Le Diplôme Universitaire de Sécurité Routière pour l’Afrique, proposé par l’Université Gustave Eiffel, vise à développer des capacités d’action en sécurité routière des pays d’Afrique Francophone. Les compétences abordées couvrent les 5 piliers de la Sécurité Routière et donnent une vision globale, structurée et documentée des concepts de Sécurité Routière sous l’angle des problématiques spécifiques et diversifiées dans les pays. 

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ARRB Develops New Australian Technology for Road Safety 

The Australian Road Research Board (ARRB) has developed new technology to deliver safer road infrastructure and potentially save lives on the roads. NetRisk2 is a web-based road safety tool which allows road managers to test out the impact that road improvements and changes – like road widening or wide centre line markings – will have on road safety before work begins. 

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EASST New Online Disability Awareness Training Course 

EASST launches a new online Disability Awareness Training course for Public Transport Managers in Low and Middle-Income Countries. This short online course, available via the EASST Academy training platform, offers an introduction to Disability Awareness and will help managers understand how to make public transport services more accessible and inclusive of the needs of people with disabilities so they can travel independently and with confidence. 

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#CommitToAct Streets for Life Week of Action 

The 2022 #CommitToAct Streets for Life campaign, coordinated by the Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety, centered around a Week of Action in May. NGOs held in-country events to call for government action to reduce road deaths by 2030. The Alliance took NGOs’ call to ITF in Leipzig, where its Executive Director, Lotte Brondum, addressed Ministers at the Ministerial Roundtable and the two events hosted by the Alliance. 

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Micro-incentives: a Game-changer Strategy to Nudge Sustainable Mobility Behaviour  

Factual has launched a proposal for a thought leadership study on the potential of micro-incentives – economic, fiscal, or in-kind – as a game-changer tool to nudge behaviour change towards sustainable and accessible mobility for all. Are you eager to participate? IRF Members benefit from special sponsorship opportunities! 

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SWISSTRAFFIC INC. was established in 1999 and has become one of the European leaders with solid experience in the field of future smart mobility. We take pride in delivering innovative and sustainable solutions for making cities smarter, safer, and improving their quality of life. Our combination of sensor know-how, traffic engineering, and the use of artificial intelligence provides top-quality expertise and service to our clients – no matter the complexity of the project in today’s multi-mobile world.

The Turkish Road Association (TRA) was established in 1990 with the mission of following and supporting the scientific and technological developments in the sector and evaluating and disseminating technical knowledge. Becoming a member of the International Road Federation (IRF) in 1991, of the International Tunneling and Underground Space Association (ITA-AITES) in 1994, and of the Committee on Operational Safety of Underground Facilities (ITA-AITES COSUF) in 2006, TRA has been instrumental in transferring new inventions and new practices to the respective sectors and has contributed to developments in scientific knowledge and technology at the global level by holding national and international events for the past 32 years.

From right to left: Mr. Mehmet TUTAŞ (Treasurer Member), Mrs. Prof. Dr. Hediye TÜYDEŞ YAMAN (Board Member), Ms. Nursen AYDIN (Board Member), Mr. Zeki NUMANOĞLU (Vice Chairman), Mr. Abdulkadir URALOĞLU (Chairman), Mr. Ahmet SAĞLAM (Board Member), Mr. Atayla VARLIK (Board Member), Mr. Hüseyin Sait SARGIN (Board Member), Mr. Şenol ALTIOK (General Secretary).

4th Serbian Road Congress 

02 – 03 June – Belgrade, Serbia 

MOVE 2022 

15 – 16 June – London, United Kingdom 

40th Annual South African Transport Conference 2022  

04 – 07 July – Pretoria, South Africa  

IRF Young Professionals Summit 2022 

28 September – Online 

2022 IRF Annual Conference 

06 October – Marrakech, Morocco 

SARF, IRF, PIARC Regional Conference for Africa 

18 – 20 October – Cape Town, South Africa 

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