Serbia: Large Infrastructure Projects Delivered

Serbia: Large Infrastructure Projects Delivered

The year behind us is the year of construction of large infrastructure projects, design, rehabilitation of both state roads and local roads, in a word, Serbia is a great construction site. The COVID-19 pandemic did not stop works, construction…  

In Serbia, the construction of large infrastructure projects is currently underway, as well as designing or construction of more than 1,200 kilometers of highways and expressways. 

PE “Roads of Serbia” rehabilitated 682 kilometers of state and 547 kilometers of local roads in 2021. 

1. Construction of highway E-763, Belgrade-South Adriatic, section: Preljina – Požega, total length of 30.9 km

Section from Preljina to Požega will be connected to the already built Highway E-763, from Surčin to Preljina. The section from Preljina to Požega is very demanding, due to the topography and geological conditions and as well as to the need to relocate the existing technical infrastructure. A sub-section of the E-763 highway, from Preljina to Pakovraće in the length of 11 km will be opened to traffic by the end of January 2022. 

2. Construction of the Bypass around Belgrade, section: Bridge on the Sava river near Ostružnica – Bubanj Potok (Sectors 4, 5 and 6) – total length 20.4 km 

Sector 4, section: Bridge on the Sava near Ostružnica – Orlovača interchange, in the length of 7.7 km, was completed and opened to traffic in April 2021. 

Sectors 5 and 6, sections from Orlovača interchange to the Bubanj Potok interchange, are under way in length of 12.7 km and are expected to be completed by the end of 2022. 

  • Sector B 5: Orlovača interchange – Straževica Tunnel (Left Lane) – 3.1 km 
  • Sector B 6: Straževica Tunnel – Bubanj Potok interchange (in full highway profile) – 9.6 km 

The construction of the Bypass around Belgrade will connect the branch of Corridor 10 b, E-75 (state border with Hungary, Horgoš – Novi Sad – Belgrade) with Corridor 10, E-70 (state border with Croatia, Batrovci – Belgrade), state road of I B category No 26 and Route 4, E-763 (Belgrade – Požega – state border with Montenegro at Boljare) and again with a part of Corridor 10, E-75 (Belgrade – Niš – Preševo – state border with the Republic of North Macedonia). Upon completion of the Belgrade Bypass, the basic network of city roads will be significantly relieved. 

3. Construction of the Highway E-763, Belgrade – South Adriatic, Sector 1: Belgrade – Ljig, section: New Belgrade-Surčin, total length 7.9 km 

The section from New Belgrade to Surčin is a connection between the city of Belgrade and the Highway E-763 (“Miloš the Great”), thus making a whole city roads network completely functional and connecting it with Highway E-763, creating the shortest link between Belgrade and the Adriatic Sea. 

4. Construction of the highway from Belgrade to Sarajevo and the bridge over the Sava River, near Sremska Rača, total length 18 km 

The Belgrade-Sarajevo highway is the first highway that will directly connect the Republic of Serbia and the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina and it is of great importance for connecting in the region. 

At the beginning of January 2022, the left bridge construction of the bridge over the Sava River near Sremska Rača was overhauled, and thus the steel bridge, in the entire highway profile, was brought to its final position. 

Both steel structures, left and right, each weighing 2,700 tons, were delivered from Turkey. In course of 8 month constructions they were assembled, mounted, protected and longitudinally dragged into the final position. 

This 1310-meter-long bridge is part of an 18-kilometer-long highway that will connect the Republic of Serbia and the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, i.e. the Republic Srpska. 

5. Design and construction of the state road I B category No 27, Loznica-Valjevo-Lazarevac, section Iverak-Lajkovac (connection with the Highway E-763, Belgrade-Požega) – total length 18.3 km 

The expressway is the connection of the city of Valjevo with the highway E-763 Belgrade – South Adriatic and represents a transverse connection in the road network of the Republic of Serbia and will connect parts of Bosnia and Hercegovina with the Highway E-763 and further Corridor 10, with Bulgaria and Greece. 

Construction of highway E-763, Belgrade-South Adriatic
Bypass around Belgrade
Bypass around Belgrade
Bypass around Belgrade

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