Private Sector Road Safety Coalition Launched in Pakistan

Private Sector Road Safety Coalition Launched in Pakistan

Coordinated by the International Road Federation (IRF), today a group of leading private sector companies active in Pakistan have entered into a partnership to use their combined knowledge and expertise to reduce road deaths and injuries in the country. The initiative is the result of the partnership between TotalEnergies Foundation and the International Road Federation (IRF) aiming at establishing private sector road safety coalitions in a number of countries around the world. The objective is to federate private sector stakeholders and to help them work with international institutions, NGOs, and local authorities to improve road safety via hands-on, impact-oriented, and scalable activities. 

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that road crashes claim 1.35 million lives and injure 50 million people worldwide annually. Most road crashes occur in developing countries where road transport constitutes one of the leading causes of death. In recognition of this global crisis, the United Nations has declared the years 2021 to 2030 as the new Decade of Action for Road Safety setting the ambitious target of reducing road traffic deaths and injuries by at least 50%. The United Nations have urged all stakeholders, including business leaders, to support the implementation thereof.  

All founding members of the Pakistan coalition – TOTAL PARCO Pakistan, Toyota Indus Motor Company, Shell Pakistan, Unilever Pakistan Limited, PARCO Pearl Gas Limited, Coca-Cola Pakistan, Engro Fertilizers Limited, and NMC – believe that one road crash victim is one too many and are committed to reducing the number and severity of road crashes. It is with this in mind that the members have adopted a set of values and principles “The Coalition Charter” that define and elaborate a collective commitment towards the reduction of road deaths and injuries in Pakistan. 

“At TotalEnergies, safety is a core value that is embedded in all of our processes. With a presence in 130 countries, we work in partnership with local road safety players, such as NGOs, local authorities and schools, to develop trust-based relationships thanks to which we can efficiently move forward the road safety agenda. By pooling now private sector strengths and resources together via these in-country coalitions, we can all maximise our reach and impact” said Abdoul-Wahab in charge of Road Safety at TotalEnergies Foundation. 

“This initiative is rooted in the belief that road crashes are largely preventable and road safety is a shared responsibility. IRF strongly believes that partnerships are the key driver of success and long-term impact in the reduction of road crashes. We are delighted to coordinate this work and to pro-actively engage private sector into collaborative and coordinated initiatives. This will help us step-up efforts to reach the targets set by the new Decade of Action” commented Susanna Zammataro, IRF Director General, at the launch.  

The initiative coordinated by the International Road Federation (IRF) and supported by the TotalEnergies Foundation is open to new members who share the same principles as defined in the coalition charter.  

Besides Pakistan, IRF has already launched a private sector coalition in Tanzania this year and is currently working on the launch in Morocco. 

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Founding Members of the Road Safety Coalition

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