Introducing the 2021 IRF Start-up Label Winner: ASIMOB 

Introducing the 2021 IRF Start-up Label Winner: ASIMOB 

One of the IRF’s goals is to support impactful mobility start-ups by helping them build trust with their stakeholders, and one way we do so is through the IRF Start-up Label. After a thorough assessment process by the members of the IRF Executive Committee, IRF announced this week during the ITS World Congress in Hamburg, the winner for the 2021 Edition of the IRF Start-up Label: ASIMOB

In a nutshell, ASIMOB automates visual road inspections tasks to help maintenance teams in their everyday work. Its lightweight solution uses IoT and AI to detect incidences and help keep any type of road in the safest possible condition

Some of the criteria taken into consideration for the final decision included: the impact on IRF’s key fields of action, environmental and social impacts, and level of innovation among others. Because we were astonished ourselves with their application, product and their overall identity, today we would like you to learn more about them too. 

We asked the ASIMOB team some questions about their product and what they are trying to solve, but most importantly, from where the true essence of ASIMOB comes. Here is what we got:

1. Could you tell us in a few words what ASIMOB stands for, and what is the problem you are trying to solve? 

ASIMOB is a startup company focused on the road maintenance sector, and the crucial role it plays for keeping roads as safe as possible. We believe all roads should benefit from new technologies, so we have developed an ‘autonomous road inspector’ as a tool to improve road monitoring and maintenance and reduce the number and severity of traffic crashes. Our system collects data and video from vehicles (which can be dedicated to other tasks) and applies Computer Vision and Data Analytics on the cloud in order to detect automatically incidences on the road (irregularities on the pavement, changes in signals, degradation in lane markings…). We improve the efficiency of the daily maintenance works and help to increase road safety. 

2. What are the main challenges you are facing at the moment in your market?

Our main challenge is to raise awareness about the possibility of using technology as an affordable and flexible way to optimise daily road maintenance work. We need Public Authorities and maintenance companies to know that this type of solution exists, and that is applicable and feasible not only for highways but also for secondary roads. In fact, our solution is especially useful for the secondary roads, which are normally the deadliest ones. 

3. We would like to know now more about the team. How was ASIMOB born, and why is your team the perfect fit for the solution you propose? 

ASIMOB was founded in 2016 with Ibon and Beñat developing the first prototypes. They provide their expertise in digital transformation and software development. Other partners contribute with their expertise in Marketing, Laws and Business Development. Finally, Esti joined the project in 2019, providing her experience in an international company in the Intelligent Transportation Systems sector. We combine the knowledge of technology and the sector together with a passion for innovation. 

4. What are your expectations as an IRF Start-up Label Winner? 

We hope to raise awareness among Public Administrations and contribute, through new technologies and digital transformation, to the improvement of road maintenance and reduction of road casualties. 

5. Where do you see ASIMOB in 10 years?

In 10 years ASIMOB will provide the autonomous road inspector in roads worldwide, helping toward the Vision Zero goal. And we will also have developed the system to check if a road can be used by level 4 or level 5 autonomous vehicles.

Estibaliz Barañano
General Manager at ASIMOB

Ibon Arechalde

President at ASIMOB

Beñat López


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