IRF Signs Partnership with Torino City Lab

IRF Signs Partnership with Torino City Lab

The City of Turin via  “Torino City Lab” and the IRF have established a partnership with the aim of contributing to the creation of a territorial ecosystem favourable to urban innovation with a focus on smart city technologies and services.  

Italy has long been known for its automotive excellence. Mobility is deeply rooted in Italy, but more specifically in the industrial and symbolic identity of the city of Turin.  However, mobility today goes far beyond cars and requires fuelling new ideas to shape the mobility of tomorrow.  

The City of Turin is engaged in a strategic redesign of its policies in support of local development, aimed at strengthening the penetration of new technologies and creating social impact, to bring new opportunities to its citizens and businesses.    

In this context, Torino City Lab (TCL) was born as a collaboration between the City of Torino and other local partners. It is a platform aimed at creating simplified conditions for companies interested in conducting tests – in real conditions – of innovative solutions for urban living. Through this initiative, Torino wants to be recognised as an “open laboratory” for the development of urban innovation and as one of the entry points for its dissemination in Europe.    

IRF, for its part, is proud to support this initiative by taking an active role in the development of the City Lab model through support for its activities, a greater focus on promoting user experience and by making available its tools and its well-established and vast network. 

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