Announcing the Six Finalists of the 2021 IRF Start-up Label

Announcing the Six Finalists of the 2021 IRF Start-up Label

Every founder knows that establishing a new company requires building confidence with clients, investors, current and future employees. The goal of IRF, is to support impactful mobility start-ups by helping them build trust with their stakeholders. 

Companies that obtain the IRF Start-up Label benefit from IRF’s official endorsement during three consecutive years. In the first year, the start-up gets access to mentoring provided by IRF qualified experts, while gaining exposure to relevant audiences and the opportunity to participate at different IRF networking events. The second and third years, instead, focus on strengthening the start-up’s network through the introduction to relevant companies, experts, and public entities with the help of IRF. 

The applications for the 2021 IRF Start-up Label closed on 31st August, the date after which they went through a thorough assessment process by the members of the IRF Executive Committee. Some of the criteria taken into consideration for the final decision includes: impact on IRF’s key fields of action, environmental and social impacts, and level of innovation among others.  

IRF Start-up Label Finalists at the IRF Annual Conference

The six finalists competing for the IRF Start-up Label will be pitching their companies at the upcoming IRF Annual Conference on 21st October. Registration for the event is free, but make sure to secure your spot! Visit the event page to learn more.

Meet the six finalists competing for the 2021 IRF Start-up Label:

Deeptraffic: deeptraffic is an innovation-driven, deep-tech spin-off company of CERTH-HIT, providing solutions and technologies that enable dynamic traffic management as a service, focusing on connected and automated vehicles.

ASIMOB:  ASIMOB (Advanced Services in Mobility S.L.) is a cutting-edge technology start-up, founded by a group of entrepreneurs with extensive experience in international technology companies.

Invision AI:  Invision AI enables edge devices to interpret the world around them by recognizing objects, tracking their movements, and identifying anomalies.

ORIS: ORIS connects local construction materials to road projects, augments design efficiency and enables sustainable decisions.

MICHELIN: Driving Data to Intelligence (DDI)Michelin DDI combines their expertise in data analysis and driving behaviour to create solutions that contribute to safer mobility. 

HyperviSoulHyperviSoul produces desirable traffic flow conditions from real time data traffic produced by connected vehicles. 

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