Swarco to host IRF DG at next Innovation Talk

Swarco to host IRF DG at next Innovation Talk

The SWARCO INNOVATION HUB is a novel initiative to foster the ties between corporations, cities, industry associations, academia and research institutions in shaping together future mobility. 

Our aim is to create an eco-system based on learning and interaction among stakeholders that will enable us to address in the best possible way the needs of the user and community. 

As an initiative of the HUB we are organizing a live INNOVATION TALK on 1st July at 10:00 CEST gathering experts from different fields of activity for an opinion exchange on the topic. Swarco will have the pleasure to welcome Susanna Zammataro, Director General at the International Road Federation and other eminent speakers for an exchange on “How do we get around in 2035?”.

The expert talk will deal with our ways and modes of mobility in the nearer future. Cooperative, connected and automated mobility (CCAM), roads that are read by vehicles, micromobility and e-mobility, public transport, mobility in more livable cities are topics to address in this context.

More info soon available on: https://www.swarco.com/.