IRF launches a new Start-up Label

IRF launches a new Start-up Label

The International Road Federation (IRF) is proud to announce the launch of a Start-up Label to support innovation within the mobility sector. This initiative reflects one of IRF’s core principles of fostering innovation and progress by providing access to cutting-edge knowledge and expertise.
The IRF Start-up Label is designed to support mobility start-ups with high impact potential by helping them showcase their credibility and sustain trust with their clients, investors and employees.

To obtain the label, start-ups will go through an in-depth assessment process. An IRF expert panel will assess each start-up application to determine whether the company can create a significant impact in terms of innovation, safety, efficiency, sustainability and evaluate the viability of their business model. Start-ups must be involved in at least one of the following areas of action:

  • road safety, road efficiency and sustainability.
  • intelligent transportation systems (ITS),
  • cooperative, connected and automated mobility (CCAM),
  • road financing and economics,

Laureates of the IRF Start-up Label will benefit from IRF’s official endorsement for three consecutive years. During the 1st year, they will gain professional mentoring on a topic of their choice provided by IRF experts. Start-ups will also be invited to participate in IRF networking events, providing them exposure to their relevant audiences. During the 2nd and 3rd year, IRF will assist with bespoke actions aligned with start-ups’ priorities.

We are excited about this initiative that brings IRF closer to the needs of the start-up community. Innovation is a key aspect in the mobility sector, and we want to help start-ups to exploit their value proposition to the maximum and achieve the best possible market fit.

IRF President – Bill M. Halkias

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