Newsletter – January 2021

Newsletter – January 2021


Dear Reader,

Welcome to this first issue of CROSSROADS for the year 2021. While we kick off a new year, as never before the word “Resilience” takes center stage in our lives. A word that many of us who work on transport and climate change have so far mainly associated with the concept and the need to make our transport systems resilient to extreme weather events. A word to which the current pandemic has given a new and multifaceted meaning.

Resilience to pandemics, resilience to economic crisis, resilience as the only way forward to strengthen overall the systems in which we operate and let’s face it, our same chances to survive as a human species in this world.

The COVID-19 crisis has made evident the weaknesses/limitations of our systems at all levels and certainly the fragilities of our transport system. As we work now towards economic recovery, our sector – well represented in the SuM4All coalition – has shown its commitment to take the narrative of resilient recovery in transport beyond bouncing back, by focusing our response, actions and interventions on “bouncing forward” towards a transformation and towards sustainability.

You will be able to read in this issue about a lot of those steps being undertaken to make true transformation a reality. More will come. So, stay tuned and most of it, stay safe!

Best wishes

Susanna Zammataro
Director General
International Road Federation

Bouncing forward to achieve Sustainable Mobility for all

Sustainable Mobility for All (SuM4All) – of which the IRF is a member since its inception – brought together its 56 Member organisations for its 10th Consortium Meeting anniversary on 19 January 2021. One of the highlights of the virtual event was a scheduled high-level conversation between South Africa, Ethiopia, and SuM4All.

Tagged, “Bouncing forward to achieve Sustainable Mobility for all,” the members-only meeting brought together a diverse and influential group of transport stakeholders across different sectors to reflect, brainstorm, and map out an action plan for the year 2021. The IRF Director General, Susanna Zammataro  spoke on  the importance of transforming the future of transportation through partnerships.

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Managing Traffic Management Systems (TMS) Assets and Resources: TRB Workshop

The IRF was pleased to support again this year the annual workshop on Traffic Management Systems (TMSs) organised during TRB 100th Annual Meeting by the TRB Freeway Operations Committee. The workshop had the support of many other key TRB Committees, IBTTA, ERTICO, and ASECAP and aimed at exploring successful practices, resources, and issues agencies should consider when transitioning to the next generation of TMS.

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IRF Young Professionals Programme: New Leadership

A new leadership team for the IRF Young Professionals (YP) will be working closely with the IRF for the next 24 months (2021-2022). The team is composed of four members from different areas around the globe: three YP Leads including Mr. Frederick John from Belgium, Mr. Shashank Misra from India and Mr. Ray Adrian Macalalag from the Philippines; and YP Secretary Mr. Tendekayi Marapara from Zimbabwe.

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Data Sharing for Sustainable Mobility

Led by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development’s (WBCSD) and the International Road Federation, in the framework of the Sustainable Mobility For All initiative (SuM4All), a group of experts has developed a policy framework and actionable guidance to support policymaking on data-sharing for sustainable urban mobility. A glimpse into this soon-to-be-launched report will be offered on 4 February during the SuM4All Session at Transformation Transportation.

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2nd Smart Transport Infrastructures Summit (STIS 2021)

The International Road Federation is supporting the 2nd Smart Transport Infrastructures Summit (STIS 2021) to be hosted on 30-31 March 2021 in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Organised by B&F Global (Tanzania) in collaboration with the Tanzania Ministry of Works Transport & Communications, The National Institute of Transport (NIT), the Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport (CILT International) and MDS Consulting Group (Malaysia), the theme for this year edition will be  “Adopting Emerging Technologies for Smart Transportation Infrastructures”.

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Mobility Management Meetings: Webinar on Road Safety and Mobility – Planning for the Future

The fourth in the series, this webinar to be held on 24 February is a joint effort of the IRF, China Highway and Transportation Society (CHTS), TRB, PIARC and Tongji University. As road crashes remain among the leading causes of death and injuries new solutions are being sought for via innovative safety planning, and management and by turning to technology. Leading road safety experts will discuss in this webinar innovative approaches from around the world.

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New HVT Report on COVID-19 and Women’s Mobility Needs in Low-income Sub-Saharan Africa

Under the banner of the High Volume Transport programme (HVT), a new report investigating how typical COVID-19 transportation responses affect women in Sub-Saharan African cities has just been released. The report also describes the extent to which these responses have disproportionately impacted women and increased the risk of women in low-income not being able to re-enter economies and re-build their income sources. It makes suggestions and recommendations on short- and longer-term interventions to drive gender equity goals and impacts.

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Travelling in a Woman’s Shoes

Over the past two years, Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII), supported by Arup, has been exploring women’s mobility in Ireland. Travelling in a Woman’s Shoes explores the findings of new research into women’s travel needs to help inform and shape the future of sustainable transport policy and design. It is the first report of its kind in Ireland and represents an essential step towards developing deeper insights into the transport experience for women.

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Minister Gadkari to inaugurate new IRF Webinar Series on Road Safety Challenges in India

In honor of the Road Safety Week that has been observed for 32 years in India, the IRF India Chapter is launching a webinar series titled  “Road Safety Challenges in India & Preparation of an Action Plan”. The Hon’ble Minister of Road Transport and Highways and MSME Mr. Nitin Gadkari will inaugurate the first webinar of the series that will focus on « Road Safety Engineering and Challenges » on on  Tuesday 9 February 2021 at 12:30 CET. 

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Bridge of Remembrance: Making a meaningful connection

Commissioned by the City of Hobart, Australia, a visually stunning pedestrian and bicycle bridge now links two of the city’s most significant places of remembrance, honouring World War I soldiers. Arup’s multidisciplinary engineering team provided structural, civil, lighting, electrical and façade design services. The project was not without its challenges and the unique and elegant outcome is a product of the genuine integration of architecture and engineering.

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SWARCO wins traffic management projects in three Romanian cities

A perfect example of the combined power, quality and know-how of SWARCO companies comes from Romania. Bucharest-based SWARCO TRAFFIC ROMANIA proudly reports the award of three EU-funded projects related to the traffic and public transport management of three cities with approx. 80’000 inhabitants each. The projects worth several millions euros in total include the supply and installation of traffic lights, traffic controllers, variable message signs, video cameras, traffic detectors, the construction of communication systems and the system integration.

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The Greek Highways welcome the era of interoperability

The Greek Interoperable Tolling Systems (GRITS), which has been operating successfully since 2012 for a portion of the motorway network, has now been expanded to allow drivers to use a single transponder nationwide and safely and easily to go through the electronic lanes of all Greek motorways.

IBI Group who designed and successfully undertook the GRITS deployment for most of the GRITS members, is also working on next projects including an ‘Hybrid’ toll system for Olympia Odos that will enable Olympia Pass users to get discounts based on the exact distance travelled.  Also, in the making are a series of Apps that will further support the drivers’ travel and payment experience.

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Greenway Group Srl launches a Climate Change Study Centre

Greenway Group Srl, the holding company owned by the Molinari’s family, that owns Ecogest SpA, is setting up a Climate Change Study Centre. The project consists in analysing the profound and disruptive nature of climate change and its consequences on the state of conservation of transport infrastructure.

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Words to Action: How to Build Resilient Sustainable Mobility

04 February 2021 – Online

Back to a Sustainable Future: Achieving Resilient Connectivity for post-COVID-19 Sustained recovery and Economic Growth – UNECE Inland Transport Committee High-Level Policy Segment

23 February 2021 – Online

Mobility Management Meetings: Webinar on Road Safety and Mobility – Planning for the Future

24 February 2021 – Online

Tanzania 10 Step Plan: National Safer Road Infrastructure Workshop

25–26 February 2021 – Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Webinar – COVID-19 Response and Recovery: The Global Transport Knowledge Partnership (gTKP)

04 March 2021 – Online

UNRSC Webinar: Road Safety Management – Innovation and delivery in developing countries

16 March 2021 – Online

2nd Smart Transport Infrastructures Summit (STIS 2021)

30–31 March 2021 – Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

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