Greenway Group Srl launches the Climate Change Study Centre

Greenway Group Srl launches the Climate Change Study Centre

Greenway Group Srl, the holding company owned by the Molinari’s family, that owns Ecogest SpA — leader company in the sector of maintenance of roadside vegetation along roads and motorways in Italy — is setting up a Climate Change Study Centre (CCSC). The project consists in analysing the profound and disruptive nature of climate change and its impact on the state of conservation of transport infrastructure.

The Study Centre will make available to the scientific community the multi-year experience of its members, not only by analysing the current situation, but also by seeking the best solutions to be implemented urgently, so that the existing effects do not become systematic.

The CCSC’s main focus will be on issues related to infrastructure, increasingly damaged by climate change all over the world. In the case of Italy, this goes along with the necessity to look into the hydrogeological instability of its territory, causing landslides and unfortunately a high number of victims. Poor choices in terms of land use planning – only add to this already difficult scenario. Entire urbanised areas and main roads are currently exposed to landslides, floods and therefore to risk.

Facing such a change with ordinary tools or looking at the past, without having the ability to imagine new scenarios and solutions, means marching towards failure. Research is necessary, along with the exchange of international experiences. There is also a need for renewed skills, able to summarise correctly the innovations resulting from scientific studies and analyses, and the indispensable contribution of professional expertise and the invaluable experience of those who have been working in the field for decades. By doing so, optimal infrastructure conditions can be preserved, and every maintenance scheme can keep up with the times, with the renewed needs and with the impending consequences of climate change, that is already having devastating effects.

The Climate Change Study Center will provide useful information both in matters of maintenance of roadside vegetation and developments of new project proposals, promote the exchange of good practices between experts in the field and end users, propose project initiatives and research and development activities on issues relevant to the project.

The goal is to commonly face the economic crisis with the ability to innovate, understand the evolving nature and develop new and revolutionary methodologies. To achieve this, the CCSC cannot operate without a synergetic relationship with the academic community. In its final developments, in fact, the initiative foresees the concrete possibility to finance a post graduate program in order to involve young professionals in finding new solutions for future scenarios.


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