Data Sharing for Sustainable Mobility

Data Sharing for Sustainable Mobility

Led by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development’s (WBCSD) and the International Road Federation (IRF), in the framework of the Sustainable Mobility For All initiative (SuM4All), a group of experts has developed a policy framework and actionable guidance to support policymaking on data-sharing for sustainable urban mobility. A glimpse into this soon-to-be-launched report will be offered on 4 February during the SuM4All Session at Transformation Transportation.

Increasing digitalisation of mobility presents us with an opportunity to accelerate the transition towards sustainable urban mobility. Governments and businesses alike are using mobility data for innovative uses. Many disruptive mobility businesses are built on the backbone of advanced data collection, processing and use capabilities. Similarly, governments are using data to better understand and monitor transportation systems, complimenting – and in some cases replacing – traditional methods to regulate transportation systems and plan infrastructure to meet future needs.

While data by itself is not sufficient, data sharing between multiple stakeholders will underpin more efficient transportation systems that also help freight operators and passengers choose transportation options that are more convenient, and are better for the environment.

Policymaking is essential to harness these technological advances towards a harmonised, secure, privacy-centric, and ethical data-sharing ecosystem. The absence of policymaking on the other hand can lead to siloed approaches that can exacerbate a region’s mobility problems, and potentially create a digital divide where few organisations control access to data and have the resources to use that data towards value creation.

The mobility data sharing policy framework elaborated seeks to serve as a comprehensive guide to policymakers globally, providing a categorisation of the policies required to enable, facilitate, and catalyse data sharing in the mobility sector amongst public and private stakeholders.

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