New IRF Young Professionals Leadership Team

New IRF Young Professionals Leadership Team

A new leadership team for the IRF Young Professionals (YP) will be working closely with the IRF for the next 24 months (2021-2022).

The team is composed of four members from different areas around the globe: three YP Leads including Mr. Frederick John from Belgium, Mr. Shashank Misra from India and Mr. Ray Adrian Macalalag from the Philippines; and YP Secretary Mr. Tendekayi Marapara from Zimbabwe.

Mr. F. John works as a senior consultant for Neckermann Strategic Advisors, a consulting firm based in London looking at the strategic impacts of future modes of transport and smart city trends. Having a business background, he holds a Master of Business Administration from the Imperial College of London.

Meanwhile, the three other members of the team are also part of the Global Youth Coalition for Road Safety.

Mr. S. Misra is a former sustainability consultant working with development banks and global foundations in rural India and is currently an entrepreneur working in the mobility and sustainability field. He is a mechanical and energy engineer in India with a master’s in sustainable energy future also from the Imperial College of London.

On the other hand, Mr. R.A. Macalalag is a civil engineer by profession and works as a senior economic development specialist in the National Economic and Development Authority in the Philippines where he specialises in infrastructure, transport and environment sectors. He was formerly a highway safety and planning engineer for five years at the Department of Public Works and Highways.

To complete the leadership team as the programme secretary, Mr. T. Marapara is currently working as a short term consultant for the World Bank Group as a civil engineer. He is also a junior transport engineer at KST Consultants in Zimbabwe.

IRF Director General Susana Zammataro welcomed the new leadership team and called for the road and mobility sector to support them in their new roles.

“Proud of these young professionals! They are the future. Calling on colleagues in our sector to support them and on other young professions to join them,” she shared on her official Twitter account.

The IRF Young Professionals Programme serves as a platform for the next generation of leaders and specialists in the road and mobility sector to propose initiatives, share ideas and engagements with the overall activities of the IRF. Furthermore, its mission is to present the road and mobility sectors as a multidisciplinary area for development for young professionals across various backgrounds.

More details about the Young Professionals Programme here: