Explore the new IRF Data Warehouse!

Explore the new IRF Data Warehouse!

We invite you to watch our new tutorial video outlining some of the core functionalities of the recently released IRF Data Warehouse. The Data Warehouse featuring the World Road Statistics (WRS) data provides access to updated road and transport-sector related data and indicators for the years 2000 to 2018 and covers over 200 countries and 180+ indicators, split into 11 sections, such as Road Network, Road Traffic, Road Expenditures & Revenues

The IRF Data Warehouse is an online platform allowing data visualisation and comparisons between countries / indicators. Users can easily create graphs, view data in tabular form, access notes, as well as download data in graph or Excel / CSV format. 

This platform includes all the data covered in the WRS 2020 Book and Excel versions, as well as additional indicators (over 180 indicators in total). 

We invite you to learn more about our new IRF Data Warehouse and the available WRS 2020 product packages on our website

For more information, please contact the IRF Statistics Team at stats@irfnet.ch.