Testing times – What ARRB’s labs have done in the past 6 months

Testing times – What ARRB’s labs have done in the past 6 months

ARRB’s state-of-the-art laboratories have been busy underpinning research work, supporting state and local government needs and helping industry. A significant focus at present is the increased use of recycled materials in road making.  

Results from laboratory testing are helping development of new asphalt mixes, new sprayed seal binders, and assessing the performance of both marginal and innovative materials for which there are no existing specifications. The development of new materials guidelines and specifications that ARRB is currently undertaking would be impossible without the extensive testing regimes undertaken in the laboratories.  

Asphalts, binders and granular base materials incorporating crushed glass, crumb rubber, plastics, demolition wastes are all currently being examined using a wide range of performance related test processes. This is helping make informed decisions about use of recycled materials, and is affecting change in existing materials specifications.  

Laboratory services at ARRB are scalable and so, despite the impressive current and future testing works, the laboratories are still available to help you and to continue to be your independent National reference laboratories. 

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