“3 Seconds, a Whole Life” 

“3 Seconds, a Whole Life” 

PE “Roads of Serbia“ has initiated and developed the first in a line of educational campaigns for raising awarenessof drivers and increase of traffic safety – “3 Seconds, a Whole Life”.

By promoting the educational campaign “3 Seconds, a Whole Life”, the PE “Roads of Serbia” wishes to improve traffic safety.

Did you know?

– More than 500 fatalities in traffic accidents every year;

– More than 150 fatalities on the motorway in three years;

– More than 50% of traffic accidents are a consequence of abrupt braking and rear-end collisions;

– Every fourth accident happens due to an insufficient following distance.

Traffic safety is a subject which reminds us of its gravity only when a traffic accident happens and when everyone sees its consequences on the pavement.

The basic goal of the educational campaign is raising awareness regarding the problem of road deaths, i.e. bringing the attention of public to the importance and the possibility of increasing the level of traffic safety, as well as the reduction of the number of road deaths – education of the population.

The fulfillment of the basic goal of the educational campaign is raising the level of drivers’ awareness, which should contribute to:

✓ the reduction of vehicle speed,

✓ keeping a safe following distance,

✓ active observation of traffic flow conditions,

✓ not putting other drivers in danger.

The target group of the PE “Roads of Serbia” are drivers of all ages and socioeconomic groups. Those are primarily the drivers using the motorway almost daily, average (weekend) drivers, as well as professional drivers who use sections of the motorway every day or occasionally. They are the most important target group because they represent direct participants and most often are the cause of traffic accidents.

Led by the motto that road accidents can be prevented, the PE “Roads of Serbia” will systematically influence the level of traffic participants’ awareness.

For that purpose, an educational video and a radio spot have been prepared, as well as messages for VMS gantries along the motorway, posts on social networks, informational flyers and posters, stickers with the educational campaign visual in Serbian and English have already been placed on all toll booths where toll tickets are issued.

The video can be watched on our enterprise’s Internet presentation on the following link:

We have attached the photographs of VMS gantries along the motorways with toll collection, where messages and slogans in Serbian and English are delivered – Keep your distance and 3 Seconds, a Whole Life, on the following sections:

➢ Corridor 10, I A category state road no. 1, direction Belgrade – Niš

➢ Corridor 11, I A category state road no. 2, Miloš Veliki, direction Surčin – Preljina

We prepared flyers (in Serbian, English and Turkish) with the recognizable campaign message, information on traffic accidents and depictions of a safe following distance, used for informing traffic participants at toll stations and petrol stations.

At all toll stations in Serbia, on toll booths where toll tickets are issued, there are stickers in Serbian nad English containing the campaign visual “3 Seconds. a Whole Life“.

Important information on the Campaign, the video and the radio spot are aired in specialized shows on traffic safety, motoring…

Don’t forget – a safe following distance is a precondition for safe driving!

Be responsible to yourself and others – save a life!

„3 Seconds, a Whole Life” is the first in a line of educational campaigns, we are continuing with our efforts!

Learn more: https://www.putevi-srbije.rs/index.php/en/company-news/edukativna-kampanja-jp-putevi-srbije-3-sekunde-ceo-zivot