China Highway & Transportation Society and the Transportation Research Board co-sponsor new Mobility Management Meeting Webinar series!

China Highway & Transportation Society (CHTS) and Transportation Research Board (TRB) are co-sponsoring the International Mobility Management Meeting, a series of webinars, from August 2020 to February 2021. The first webinar, 2020 US-China Mobility Management Meeting: Transit Linkages with New Mobility and Micro-Mobility, And the Survival of Both Post COVID-19, will take place on Wednesday the 26th of August, from 8 pm to 11 pm (ET) (2 pm to 5 pm (CEST)).

COVID-19 has caused a severe decline in public ridership worldwide. This decline in ridership is on top of the slow ridership declines that have been witnessed over the past decade almost everywhere in the US. Meanwhile, ride-hailing and micro-mobility companies which were rapidly expanding over the past decade faced almost as precipitous declines during the pandemic. How can these industries survive the ridership decline? Is there a policy or technology solution that responds to all three industries? Are partnerships the solution? How important are common platforms? Will COVID-19 cause driverless vehicles to arrive earlier, and how will their arrival change the trajectory of these industries? 

2020 US-China MMM is co-sponsored by China Highway & Transportation Society (CHTS) and Transportation Research Board (TRB), with the theme of Transit linkages with new mobility and micro-mobility, and the survival of both post COVID-19. It aims to tackle questions on the decline of public ridership, ride-hailing and micro-mobility companies, as well as bring up solutions for their survival post-pandemic, with internationally recognized professionals and panellists.