Newsletter – April 2020

Newsletter – April 2020



Dear Reader,

I hope this will find you, your teams and your loved ones in good health.

As you may have noticed, the current pandemic and related difficulties have not stopped us at the International Road Federation in Geneva. We thank all those who have been attending our webinars, on-line meetings, briefings and committees over the past weeks. We have been overwhelmed by the positive response. Despite the difficulties, the current crisis has also brought a renewed sense of partnership and collaboration and we are grateful to all those who have come forward to join hands with IRF to further support people, countries and the sector as a whole.

Going forward, we will all have to deal with a great deal of uncertainty, but that’s not a good reason to cross our arms and sit down and wait. The current situation offers us all – as professionals, as companies, as organisations and as a sector – an opportunity to rethink the way we do things and to shape a better future. IRF and its members will be soon releasing a paper outlining our vision for the sector and some suggestions on the way forward. So, stay tuned!

In wishing you a good read of the latest from IRF, I encourage you to get in touch with us via our social media handles, via phone or e-mail. We are here to listen and to help.

Warm regards to everyone.

Susanna Zammataro
IRF Director General

New On-line courses on Corporate Sustainability and Reporting

The International Road Federation (IRF) in Geneva and the Centre for Sustainability Excellence have signed an agreement that will allow IRF members and partners to access two new on-line certified professional courses at preferential rates. Read More

Webinar from IRF and SATC on Impacts of Covid-19

The International Road Federation (IRF) in Geneva and the Southern African Transport Conference (SATC) Board are pleased to announce a joint webinar to be held on June 10th, 2020 from 10.00 to 11.30 am (SAST). The discussion will focus on the impacts that COVID-19 has had and is having on Sustainable Transport and Mobility in Africa and in general in low and middle income countries.
Learn More

New IRF Committee on Connected and Autonomous Mobility launched

The International Road Federation (IRF) in Geneva hosted a public online workshop on “Unleashing Road Infrastructure Potential for Cooperative, Connected and Automated Mobility (CCAM)” on Thursday 23 April 2020. Attended by hundreds of participants from all parts of the world and twelve expert speakers, the workshop marked the launch of the new Connected and Autonomous Mobility IRF Committee (CAMC) being supported by the European Union Road Federation (ERF) and the European Association of Operators of Toll Road Infrastructures (ASECAP). Read More

IRF organises successful webinar to discuss road sector resilience

Today’s infrastructure is not only aging but even the approach to planning, design, and constructing is rapidly becoming out-of-date as well. With trillions-worth investments needed for existing and new infrastructure assets, the need to do things differently is critical. IRF organised on 28 April a webinar to discuss – in between others – how to use stimulus packages post Covid-19 to accelerate transition to more sustainable roads and mobility. Presentations are now available. Read More

IRF General Assembly elects three new members to the Board of Directors

The General Assembly of the International Road Federation (IRF) in Geneva has unanimously elected three new members to the Board of Directors : Mr. Hamdi AYDIN, Board Member, at the Turkish Road Association, Mr. Slobodan BASURIC, Technical Director at PE Roads of Serbia and Mr. Michael CALTABIANO, Chief Executive Officer at the Australian Road Research Board (ARRB).
Read More

Next SuM4All Consortium Meeting

The 9th Consortium meeting of Sustainable Mobility for All (SuM4All) will take place as an on-line meeting on the 2nd of June 2020. Beside reviewing advancement of work on the Global Roadmap of Action (GRA) pilots and the new work streams, the meeting will devote attention to the current Covid-19 crisis and action needed to ensure a sustainable recovery. Registrations to the meeting are open. Read More

IRF Statistics: Special Covid-19 Offer

In these challenging times, where Covid-19 is impacting so much of our daily lives and work, IRF has decided to support our sector and our people by providing an exceptional discount on its World Road Statistics.
Read More

UNRSC meets to discuss road safety advocacy at the time of Covid-19

The UN Road Safety Collaboration (UNRSC) was due to hold its April meeting in New York, back-to-back with a UN General Assembly meeting where Member States were expected to ratify the 2030 extension to SDG target 3.6 to reduce road deaths and serious injuries by 50%. Because of the lockdown being implemented in many countries around the world the UN GA has been postponed. The UNRSC was hence hosted virtually for the first time on 16 April. Read More

Covid-19 resources

The Covid-19 pandemic has completely upended lives across the planet, restricting movement, shutting down schools, and forcing millions to work from home. Despite these circumstances, various SuM4All’s Member organizations have been mobilizing their strongest assets — expertise, knowledge, finance, and network to respond to the pandemic. Read More

Hunyadi Engineering Consulting Company

Our family owned company started its activity in design of civil engineering structures and developing infrastructure studies and reports. Over the years, we enlarged our field of action by environmental research issues, traffic noise measurements on field and design of railway and road noise barriers. We are always looking for challenges and are present at international level like Finland, Sri Lanka and France or even in Hungary.

Enough is enough to road traffic crashes! Youth to mobilize for the Global Youth Coalition for Road Safety

On the 18th February 2020 more than 160 young leaders from 74 countries adopted the Global Youth Statement for Road Safety. The statement was based on the voices of 1500+ young people from around the world that took part in the Youth Consultations.

The statement was delivered during the World Youth Assembly by Global Youth Taskforce Member Allex Ayub from Africa and again during the World Ministerial Conference by World Youth Assembly (WYA) Co-Chairperson Omnia el Omrani from Egypt. Read More

Measures and activities taken in Republic of Serbia due to COVID-19

Taking into account the circumstances in the whole world, especially Europe, due to COVID-19 virus pandemic, all necessary measures and activities have been taken in the Republic of Serbia, in order to preserve the health of the entire population as well as the health of employees, users, partners …

Basic information and recommendations have been included but also variable message signs on highways and information for Transit Gas Stations. Read More

DANAOS solutions help business continuity during COVID-19

DANAOS Projects Software Solutions (dp), part of DANAOS Technology Ecosystem, is an Engineering – Construction (E&C) and Facility Management market-leading software provider that modernizes and transforms Construction, Facility and Assets Management companies in order to stay competitive in a changing and volatile marketplace. DANAOS solutions help ensure business continuity even during COVID-19 by eliminating cost overruns and reinforcing transparency and compliance. Read More

Building an evidence base for gender-sensitive transport planning in rural Tajikistan

Recently in honour of International Women’s Day 2020, EASST announced a new assignment with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), working with UNICEF Tajikistan, the Young Generation of Tajikistan (YGT), FIRE AID, and the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) to examine road risk in rural Tajik villages from a gender perspective and the role women can play in road safety leadership at a local level. Read More

The V-V-V e.V. continues to support traffic safety work

The V-V-V e.V. still provides its materials for road safety work to schools, police departments and aid organizations. Many events have already been canceled, but V-V-V e.V’s materials serve their purpose as show pieces very well. Learn more on :

Traffic noise annoyance survey during COVID-19 period

Almost the whole World is locked down since a few weeks… Done by Hunyadi Engineering Consulting Company, the target of this study is to quantify subjective traffic noise annoyance during COVID-19 period.

Participation in the study is voluntary and can be discontinued at any time and the study takes 15-20 min to be completed.

The study and its results are part of a non-profit research work.
Link to the survey:
Read More


YOURS is a direct follow-up of the United Nations World Youth Assembly for Road Safety in 2007. More than 400 young people from over a 100 countries gathered to discuss the global road safety crisis and how young people can be part of the solution. One of the main wishes of the World Youth Ambassadors was the creation of a global youth-led organization that would lead a global youth movement for road safety. and


DANAOS Projects Software Solutions is an Engineering and Construction (E&C) market-leading software provider that modernizes and transforms construction companies in order to stay competitive in a changing and volatile marketplace. With a construction management mindset and a comprehensive experience, acquired from 20+ years of developing, customizing and setting up ProjectVIEW ERP for construction companies around the world, we are true construction software specialists.


HAENNI Instruments Inc. is a leading supplier of mobile wheel load scales for the police weight control. Our mission is to provide the best solution for the mobile weight enforcement and to contribute therefore for a better and safer worldwide road network by decreasing the overload, eliminating the unfair competition in the transport sector and protecting the high investments done on the roads construction and maintenance.

The unique and patented measurement systems give the HAENNI wheel load scales unmatched accuracy and acceptance in the world market place. The certifications OIML R 76 class IIII, NIST H44 and EU Type Approval attest their accuracy. Known as the thinnest on the market, HAENNI scales are light, robust and they live long. The variety of types, sizes and ranges enables their use in different applications. Besides the weight enforcement they are also used at the private industry, universities, test laboratories and departments of transportation. Heavy haulage and exceptional transport can also be weighed on spot with HAENNI scales.

Together with more than 60 representatives distributed in the 6 continents, HAENNI works close to governments and international organizations to raise the awareness of the importance to protect the roads.

IRF Session at the Second United Nations Global Sustainable Transport Conference
  05 – 07 May 2020 – Beijing, China   Postponed

 IRF Session on “Digitalisation of Road Infrastructure” at the ITF 2020 Summit
  27 – 29 May 2020 – Leipzig, Germany   Postponed

SuM4All IX Consortium Meeting
  02 June 2020 – Virtual

Movin’On Summit by Michelin
  03 – 05 June 2020 – Montreal, Canada  Cancelled but working on alternative scenarios

IRF & SATC Webinar : The Impact of Covid – 19 on Sustainable Transport and Mobility: Lessons
Learnt so Far
  10 June 2020 – by Webinar 

IRF Webinar – Increasing Road Infrastructure Resilience: How?
  16 June 2020 – by Webinar 

IRF Webinar – Road Assets Management and Performance Based Contracts
  23 June 2020 – by Webinar 

TRB International Symposium on Highway Geometric Design
  28 June – 01 July 2020 – Amsterdam, the Netherlands  Postponed to 23 – 26 June 2021

39th Annual Southern African Transport Conference
  06 – 09 July 2020 – Pretoria, South Africa    Postponed to 05 – 09 July 2021

IRF Special Session at FIDIC Annual Infrastructure Conference
  14 – 15 September 2020 – Geneva, Switzerland   Postponed to 12 – 14 September 2021

Training on Advanced Road Safety Audits
  21 – 23 September 2020 – Doha, Qatar 

IRF Summit
  October 2020 – Istanbul, Turkey 

International Traffic Safety Conference
  24 – 25 November 2020 – Doha, Qatar 

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