EASST Road Safety Education Pack

The EASST Road SafetyEducation Pack is a global teaching resource that provides stimulating and engaging activities to introduce road safety messages and behaviours to kids. The pack has been developed in co-operation with our EASST Partners as well as highly experienced road safety experts including the UK Government’sThink! Campaign. It has been tailored to reflect the risks, challenges, and conditions in low and middle-income countries.

Split into three sections targeted at under 6s, 6-11 year olds and 12-14 year olds, the pack provides the resources needed to teach children and young people basic road safety principles in an age-appropriate way by using simple, fun, educational activities. It is currently available in 11 languages, with more in development. It can be tailored to local contexts, incorporating the logos of local organisations and NGOs, changing the idiom, names and illustrations as necessary. While the fundamental content and key messages remain the same.

It is also an excellent resource for parents who are currently homeschooling, as beyond the road safety messaging it develops skills such as art and creativity, critical thinking, reading and comprehension, and role play. For more information, visit the following website :https://www.easst.co.uk/easst-road-safety-education-pack/