Traffic noise annoyance survey during COVID-19 period

Traffic noise annoyance survey during COVID-19 period

The virus COVID 19 has arrived in Europe after a few months of the appearance in China and in the Far East countries. At that time, nobody would imagine the consequences of it in our life. Although we had very complicated days during the lockdown fortunately some positive effects could be observed during of it. The lockdown is like a long mobility week, no car in the streets, during long weeks, so the quality of the air could finally be better and the level of road traffic noise emission in cities could be lower.

Some governments applied total lockdown, parks were closed and serious restrictions were introduced. Regarding other politics of fight against the propagation of the virus COVID 19 it was just suggested to stay home, no serious restriction was implemented. The social distances protocol was established in the most part of the World. We could read about the positive effect of the total stop of passenger road traffic, the reorganization of public transport facilities, the sustainable transport communities.The CO2 emissions have dropped by 58% across Europe. The no emission level targeted for the far future was reached involuntary, which significates the halfway to the 2050 net zero goal.

No doubt regarding the environmental issues the total or partial lockdown have its positive effects on all major environmental pollutant, so thus on the noise emission level.

Nearly 80% of the European population lives in urban areas, where pollution effects are more significant and are exposed to high or extremely high noise level. Road traffic noise emissionis one of the most important factor influencing urban population everyday life.Noise is an unwanted sound. Road traffic noise annoyance is the response of a person exposed to road traffic noise. The total road traffic noise annoyance is a sum of three components, like subjective-, objective and visual road traffic noise annoyance. Likely lockdown related to the COVID 19 pandemic has some effect on all the three components.

In these particular period of life the present survey aims to collect data on perceived road traffic noise annoyance and try to find relationship between lockdown and road traffic noise annoyance. Do the positive environmental effects of the lockdown during the period of COVID 19 havereally positive effects on people perceived road traffic noise annoyance? Can be any correlation be demonstrated between them?

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