Measures and activities taken in Republic of Serbia due to COVID-19

Measures and activities taken in Republic of Serbia due to COVID-19

Taking into account the circumstances in the whole world, especially Europe, due to COVID-19 virus pandemic, all necessary measures and activities have been taken in the Republic of Serbia, in order to preserve the health of the entire population as well as the health of employees, users, partners …

Basic information and recommendations have been included as:  cleaning and disinfection of public areas and equipment; informing / training of employees on mitigating the spread of infection; measures to be taken in case of suspected illness;  measures of isolation/self-isolation;  guarantee of functioning…

Variable Message Signs on highways in Serbia

Having in mind emerging pandemic and the measures to prevent the outspread of the COVID-19 virus, as well as the campaign “Stay Home”,  PE “Roads of Serbia” is posting messages in Serbian and English language on VMS portals (Variable Message Signs) on highways in Serbia:

  • Zaustavi COVID-19 – ostanikodkuće!
  • Stop COVID-19 – Stay home!

PE “Roads of Serbia” is once more appealing to all traffic participants, pointing out that by staying at home they significantly contribute to the preservation of their health and the health of others thus preventing further spreading of the virus.

Information for Transit Gas stations 

In order to inform drivers of heavy vehicles where they could stop to refuel, special flyers have been created and distributed to drivers with map and the list of Gas stations on transit routes in the Republic of Serbia.

The Gas stations working from 00-24 h for fuel supply of heavy vehicles in transit through Serbia.

For more information, visit the website of Roads of Serbia: