The Road Safety Barometer: decrypting users’ behaviour on our roads

The Road Safety Barometer: decrypting users’ behaviour on our roads

IRF (Geneva) hosted side event on“The Road Safety Barometer: decrypting users’ behaviour on our roads” at the Swedish Ministerial Conference. This session was organised jointly with ASECAP (European Association of Tollway Operators) and VINCI Autoroutes Fondation and provided interesting insights to understand drivers’ behaviour.

The session opened with welcoming remarks by IRF President Bill Halkias, as well as a keynote speech by Benacer Boulaajoul, General Director of the National Road Safety Agency of Morocco.

Cendrine Nazos, Programme and Communication manager at VINCI Autoroutes Fondation, introduced VINCI’s survey on responsible driving. Produced since 2011, the Responsible Driving Barometer is an essential information tool for understanding drivers’ behaviour, identifying risky behaviour and better orienting preventive messages. The latest results and ways in which to effectively address those behaviours were discussed and it was highlighted how the sharing of results between the different countries concerned allows a particularly fruitful exchange of experiences and of good practices. The session was rounded off with Malika Seddi, Co-Secretary General of ASECAP, providing valuable insights into concrete actions on making motorways safer.

Closing the event IRF President Bill Halkias said: “IRF and ASECAP have sealed their cooperation last year with a memorandum of understanding and we are pleased to join our forces to bring knowledge and expertise not only to our respective members but to the sector as a whole”.“Morocco is a country that is showing great leadership in the field of road safety and that we at the IRF are delighted to work with” he continued. “Through the remarkable work of the Fondation Vinci Autoroute one can easily understand how data informs and helps us shape action and much need there is for that” Halkias concluded.

Fondation VINCI Autoroutes : Baromètre européen de la conduite responsable

Fondation VINCI Autoroutes : Baromètre Marocain sur la conduite responsable