Newsletter – March 2020

Newsletter – March 2020


Dear Readers, Dear Friends,

I want to express my solidarity and that of IRF to all of you who are right now struggling with this pandemic and its impact on both our health and our economies.

I want to reassure everyone that IRF is there for you and that despite these difficult times the team is fully operational and working remotely. I want to thank them for their professionalism and for their dedication.

Anticipating some of these difficulties, we had shaped our events and activities in a way that they can be easily hosted on-line via the net. You will be able to read more details in this edition of the newsletter and we will keep informing you progressively and in a timely manner in order for you to be able to benefit from the events and any other opportunity on time despite all the disruptions.

In wishing you the very best for your health and that of your families and teams, I want to reassure you that there’s one thing that will not change: our support. IRF is and will be there for you.

We will overcome these difficult times together.

Warm regards to everyone.

Bill Halkias
IRF President

IRF President addresses UNECE ITC High-Level Segment

The Inland Transport Committee (ITC) is the highest policy-making body of the UNECE in the field of transport. It held its 82nd session in Geneva. Bill Halkias, President of the International Road Federation addressed the High-Level Level Segment on the first day focusing his intervention on the key role of digital revolution. Read More

IRF supports UNECA for Project funded by the UN Road Safety Trust Fund

The UN Road Safety Fund has unveiled ten new projects that will target key gaps in the road safety systems of 12 countries. IRF (Geneva) has been pleased to support together with iRAP, the UNECA Ten Step Plan for Safer Road Infrastructure Project proposal which will see improved safety of Tanzania’s roads and a road map for other countries to follow. Read More

EU Project SHOW: A major milestone for automated transport

EU project SHOW (SHared automation Operating models for Worldwide adoption) – coordinated by UITP – kicked-off in Brussels with a three-day Conference gathering almost 140 leading industry figures. IRF (Geneva) is proud to be part of the consortium delivering this strategic four-year project.Read More

IRF Data Warehouse presented at the 3rd Global Ministerial Conference in Sweden

IRF (Geneva) launched in Stockholm an IRF Data Warehouse in the framework of a side event organised jointly with the Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety and the Total Foundation at the 3rd Global Ministerial Conference on Road Safety. Built on the IRF World Road Statistics time series and complemented by a series of powerful dashboards, the new tool will further support the work of the Regional Road Safety Observatories being set up around the world.
Read More

The Road Safety Barometer: decrypting users’ behaviour on our roads

IRF (Geneva) hosted side event on “The Road Safety Barometer: decrypting users’ behaviour on our roads” at the Swedish Ministerial Conference. This session was organised jointly with ASECAP (European Association of Tollway Operators) and VINCI Autoroutes Fondation and provided interesting insights to understand drivers’ behaviour. Read More

SUM4ALL kicks off 5 new workstreams

The annual consortium meeting held in Washington DC offered the opportunity to review achievements made in 2019 and kick off the work of five new workstreams. High-level executives from the private sector where also invited to share their experience and strategies in addressing road safety during a panel discussion coordinated by the IRF. Read More

Workshop: Road infrastructure and Cooperative, Connected and Automated Mobility

Organised by IRF in collaboration with ASECAP and ERF, this on-line workshop scheduled for 23 April 2020 will provide insights into the role, the vision and challenges of the road infrastructure sector in this transition period towards Cooperative, Connected and Automated Mobility (CCAM). Read More

Designing Roads for Safety

IRF President Bill Halkias joined other notable speakers such as Joy Kabatsi Kafura, State Minister of Transport of Uganda for a panel discussion on “Designing Roads for Safety” hosted in the official programme of the 3rd Global Ministerial Conference, Stockholm on 19-20 February 2020. Read More

Achieving the UN Road Safety Targets by 2030 – Innovation Workshop

The 2020 iRAP Innovation Workshop was hosted in Sweden as an official pre-event of the 3rd Global Ministerial Conference on Road Safety. Many the IRF members and partners sharing their expertise during this event which brought together 140 road safety advocates, experts and stakeholders from 32 countries. Presentations explored how innovation in planning, design, financing, upgrading roads and sharing success can help to provide the global structure needed to deliver the UN Global Road Safety Targets 3 and 4. IRF Director General, Susanna Zammataro presented on private sector partnership and in particular on how to unleash concessionaires’ potential to deliver safer roads. Read More

Workshop: Resilient road infrastructure: plan, build and manage for current and future challenges

Organised by IRF (Geneva) this on-line workshop scheduled for 28 April 2020 will provide insights into existing solutions to current and future infrastructure challenges. How to optimise road projects? How to significantly reduce the carbon footprint? How to increase road lifespan while decreasing costs?
Read More

Next Generation of Traffic Management Systems

TRB Freeway Operations Committee hosted a workshop on “Vision, Concepts and Capabilities for the next generation of Traffic Management Systems” at its Annual Meeting. The purpose of this workshop was to help agencies make decisions regarding their transition to the next generation of TMSs. It featured a highly interactive breakout-session that allowed participants to discuss how to prepare a vision, develop a concept of operations, and identify key capabilities needed for the next generation of their TMSs. Within each of those topics participants identified, key issues to consider, successful practices, and available resources. The findings from this workshop are now available. Read More

Bangladesh delegation visits IRF Geneva 

IRF was pleased to host in Geneva a delegation from the government of Bangladesh. The delegation was on a study tour to Europe to learn and discuss new technologies and techniques for roads. IRF provided expertise on road construction techniques, assets management, road safety, rural roads and climate resilience.

SLOCAT: COVID-19 and the Sustainable Transport Community

The Partnership on Sustainable Low Carbon Transport (Slocat) – of which IRF (Geneva) is a member since its inception – is gathering relevant information, resources, and virtual events on COVID-19 and its impacts on transport to help the transport community. You can access this comprehensive and very useful compilation of resources on the Slocat Website.Read More

Hope for Victims of Traffic Accidents (HOVITA) is a Non-profit making organization founded in 2013 on the basis of Uganda Police Forces Research Report on the number of Road crashes in Uganda. Thus considering the effects of road crashes, the founders of this Organization felt this agency could alleviate the plight of individuals, families affected by road crashes and promote road safety Education and Advocacy.

We focus on the following Areas; Road Safety education, Advocacy, Innovation and Research on Road Safety Issues, legal Aid services for road crash survivors, psycho-social support and vocational rehabilitation of road crash victims.

“Verein zur Verhütung von Verkehrsunfällen e.V.” (Association for the prevention of traffic accidents) is a non-profit and voluntary association, founded in 2012 and which offers traffic safety programs for children, adolescents and young drivers. V-V-V e V. cooperates with the police, fire departments and emergency services and provide materials for events and training, such as, original accident vehicles that are mounted on trailers and displayed as teaching objects in schools. The association also has oversized cell phone dummies that, together with a 14-meter carpet, visualize the blind ride when using the phone only for one seond while driving.

The Hellenic Institute of Transport (HIT) is part of the Centre for Research and Technology Hellas (CERTH) which is a non-profit organization that directly reports to the General Secretariat for Research and Technology (GSRT), of the Greek Ministry of Development and Investments. HIT’s main objective is the conduct and support of applied research activities in the field of transportation in Greece, more specifically on issues relating to the organization, operation, planning and development of infrastructure, the standardization, economic analysis, management, vehicle technology and the impact assessment of land, maritime, air, and multimodal transport services. HIT’s services also include the provision of training and education activities in related fields, the dissemination of research activities and the Representation of Greece in Transport Research and other relevant scientific fora abroad.

The Eastern Alliance for Safe and Sustainable Transport (commonly known as EASST) is a regional partnership of local organisations aiming to reduce road casualties and promote sustainable transport choices. The network of EASST partners spans 15 countries across Eastern Europe, the Caucasus, Central Asia and South-East Europe. Most EASST partners represent low- and middle-income countries which have seen rapid motorisation over the last 10 years and major developments in their road infrastructure, leading to far higher speeds on highways and urban roads. The pace of these developments has often outstripped advances in legislation, enforcement, public awareness and health & safety protections, creating a dangerous situation on the roads. EASST supports its partners through training and small mentored grants to develop projects that meet the needs of local communities and make a measurable, lasting impact on making road travel safer, greener and more sustainable for future generations.

TIIC is an independent pan-European firm investing into mid-market infrastructure projects across Europe in both the transportation and social sectors. TIIC was established in 2008 as an experienced investor in infrastructure with an operational expertise in the transport and social sectors, focusing on greenfield assets in the mid-market space.

The aim of TIIC Group is to bring an operational approach to infrastructure investments in Europe, drawing upon the extensive management and financial skills of its team. These skills have been developed at some of Europe’s leading infrastructure operators and project financing firms which, when combined with the very specific infrastructure expertise of partners of reference (the Edmond de Rothschild Group and Brisa), makes for a powerful and differentiated investment platform.

TIIC Group has its head office in Luxembourg, and operates from two offices in Lisbon and Paris.

7th International Conference “Mobility Challenges in Transport and Public Safety” in Kosovo

On January 24, 2020 was held the 7th International Conference “Mobility Challenges in Transport and Public Safety” in Kosovo Academy for Public Safety, Faculty of Public Safety, Republic of Kosovo. The conference was organized by the College of Applied Technical Sciences “Tempulli”, in collaboration with the Faculty of Public Safety, Kosovo Academy of Public Safety, and is supported by the International Road Federation, the Albanian Safety Academy, Institute for Road Safety and Transport Research and Kosovo Motorization Association AMRKS.

Topics presented at the conference were for urban mobility, public safety, road safety, logistics and transport, infrastructure and transport intelligent Systems, alternative energy sources and the social impact of traffic accidents. Read the recommendation

The Human Cost of Inaction on Road Safety

This report from the Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety is based on a survey of 5,606 people from 132 countries and focuses on the devastating impact that road crashes have on the lives of road victims, their families, and the wider community. It shows that road crashes affect a lot of people, multiple times through their lives and the consequences are far-reaching. In the report, statistical analysis of the survey data is combined with the powerful testimonies of crash victims and their families. The data paints a picture of the complex ways that road crashes affect lives: health, finance, relationships, justice and more. Read More

Assessing sustainable and cost-efficient solutions for road construction

Environmental impact consideration at an early stage of design will be essential to achieve the green transition in public infrastructures! According to the European Commission’s New Circular Economy Action Plan, up to 80% of a products’ environmental impacts are determined at the design phase. This is particularly relevant for road construction.

Based on LafargeHolcim’s material knowledge and the latest artificial intelligence technologies, ORIS enables to assess sustainable and cost-efficient solutions for road construction, from the early stage of design. Such assessment allows to reduce by up to 50% the climate impact of a road and by up to 80% the use of primary materials. Read More

IRF General Assembly and Spring Board of Directors Meetings
  22 April 2020 – Conference Call

IRF Workshop on “Resilient Road Infrastructure. How to plan, build and manage for current and future challenges”
  28 April 2020 – by Webinar

 IRF Workshop on “Unleashing road infrastructure potential for Cooperative, Connected and Automated Mobility (CCAM)”  
  23 April 2020 – by Webinar 

IRF Session at the Second United Nations Global Sustainable Transport Conference
  Postponed  – Beijing, China 

 IRF Session on “Digitalisation of Road Infrastructure” at the ITF 2020 Summit
  Postponed – Leipzig, Germany 

Movin’On Summit by Michelin
   Cancelled but working on alternative scenarios – Montreal, Canada

TRB International Symposium on Highway Geometric Design
   Postponed to Spring/Summer 2021

39th Annual Southern African Transport Conference
  6 – 9 July 2020 – Pretoria, South Africa  

IRF Special Session at FIDIC Annual Infrastructure Conference
   Postponed to September 2021 – Geneva, Switzerland 

Training on Advanced Road Safety Audits
  21 – 23 September 2020 – Doha, Qatar 

IRF Summit
  October 2020 – Istanbul, Turkey 

International Traffic Safety Conference
  24 – 25 November 2020 – Doha, Qatar 

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