Compact equipment for heavy loads

Compact equipment for heavy loads

The number of vehicles circulating in the world grows very fast and people spend longer periods in their vehicles. Assuming that time is money, the traffic congestion, allied to other facts like the continuous growth in the economy and trade, leads to a hard competitiveness in the transport sector. To be more competitive and increase their profits, many transportation companies and freelance truck drivers chose overloading, deteriorating therefore the road network and threating the security of other users. Additionally, overloaded vehicles can have their CO2 emissions increased in more than 70 per cent, contributing to worsen the air quality and its unavoidable consequences to the climate. In short, overloaded trucks are unfair competitors, potential accident-causing, road destroyers and environment unfriendly. In view of that it is absolutely necessary to enforce vehicle weight in order to reduce the number of overloaded trucks and to impede their circulation.

Mobile checks eliminate the risk of bypassing. Static weighing makes a social interaction between the officer and driver possible. Additionally, it avoids that the vehicle drives further and continues destroying the pavement. Nevertheless, it has a limiting factor:  it is required time to intercept the trucks and perform the weighing, restricting therefore the number of vehicles controlled. This can be improved by installing a WIM system to pre-select the supposed overloaded vehicles, which should be weighed further with a more accurate weighing system.

HAENNI Instruments, committed to provide the best solutions for the legal weight control, develops and manufactures portable wheel load scales making use of value engineering. Knowing that to perform the weight enforcement is itself a hard job, the engineers at the Swiss manufacturer aim to create robust and easy-to-handle products, to facilitate the patrol officers’ life.  All HAENNI scales weight less than 20 kg and are maximum 17 mm high. OIML, NIST and EU certified, they operate in a wide temperature range, from -20 to +60 °C. Most components and the scales themselves are manufactured in Switzerland, where each detail is carefully controlled by qualified employees, who have performed the same job over the years and are very proud of it.

In the coming months the Swiss company will launch the new processing unit EC 120, which could be used to display weights of HAENNI electronic wheel load scales, to save measurements and to print out reports. The device has an uncompromising operating time. To reach that it was chosen an energy saving technology and renounced to needless details like a color display. Nevertheless, value a simple operation has taken precedence. Inspired by modern operating systems for smartphones, the operation of the device is intuitive and does not require intensive training.

The new device will add a great value to the existing HAENNI mobile weighing systems and will reduce its set up time to a minimum. Used in combination with 2 portable scales with wireless function, the whole equipment fits in the trunk of a personal car and can be set up by one person in less than 2 minutes. Visit for more information.