Every 24 seconds another person is killed as a result of a road traffic injury—an unnecessary and preventable tragedy. Worldwide, road deaths are still increasing, even though evidence-based solutions are known and can be implemented. More urgent, strategic action is needed.

#CommitToAct, a new campaign from the Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety, mobilizes NGOs, civil society and everyday people to raise their voices, share their experiences, and push for government leaders to COMMIT to putting people first in road safety and ACT to save lives on the road.

Vague promises are not enough. #CommitToAct seeks specific, meaningful commitments and assists NGOs to be persistent in following up so that commitments become actions. We invite you to #CommitToAct with us. There are many ways to get involved:

We need your help during August and September by taking the People’s Survey and sharing it widely with your friends, families, colleagues, and other networks. The survey seeks to demonstrate the impact of road crashes on the daily lives of individuals, families, and communities: how crashes have affected their ongoing physical and psychological health, personal financial situations, family relationships, and how safe they feel on the road. Please help us to show the scale and impact of road traffic crashes on real people’s lives around the world by sharing it widely.

The results of the survey will be a resource to support advocacy for road safety in different countries and will be presented in Sweden in February 2020, prior to the Third Global Ministerial Conference on Road Safety.

Help the voices of citizens around the world to be heard. #CommitToAct with us. Read more HERE: www.roadsafetyngos.org/committoact.