SuM4All discusses Global Road Map of Action and new priorities

The 7th Consortium Meeting of the Sustainable Mobility for All initiative was held on May 23rd, 2019 during the International Transport Forum (ITF) Summit 2019 in Leipzig, Germany. Thirty-seven organizations gathered at this meeting to take stock of SuM4All achievements to date and decide where next to take this partnership. The meeting had three objectives: (i) reflect on the progress with SuM4All so far; (ii) delve into the details of the global roadmap of action (GRA) and its six companion papers; and (iii) discuss new thematic priorities for the initiative.  

The meeting kicked off with opening remarks by co-chairs Mr. Guangzhe Chen (World Bank) and Mr. Yuwei Li (UNECE). Both emphasized the pivotal contributions of the SuM4All partnership to the mobility agenda and stressed the importance continued collaboration under the leadership of SuM4All.

The first session, moderated by Susanna Zammataro (IRF), provided an update on the progress of the upcoming GRA, highlighting the success of both rounds of the engagement process following the receipt of requests/input/comments from more than 50 countries, cities, MDBs, UN agencies, multi-national companies, and global civil society organizations. Notably the engagement process included the participation of representatives from all modes of transport. SuM4All is now wrapping up the engagement process and plans to launch the Action Roadmap in the Fall of 2019.

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