Movin’On by Michelin sets the stage for the Mobility of the Future

Movin’On by Michelin sets the stage for the Mobility of the Future

IRF was pleased to partner and lead some of the sessions of the 2019 edition of the Movin’On Summit, the world summit on sustainable mobility. The successful third edition hosted about 5,000 visionaries from 44 countries between June 4 and 6, 2019, in Montreal, Canada and discussed new and actionable solutions to move from ambition to action.

Created and inspired by Michelin, the event was produced by the Movin’On Sustainable Mobility Fund, with C2 International as organizing partner. Under the banner theme of Solutions for Multimodal Ecosystems, an environment of leaders from academia, politics, cities and business were guided in exploring new and actionable solutions to the global challenges defining the future of mobility. Gathering over 150 partners, the Movin’On Summit strengthens its position as a catalyst and mobilizer for sustainable mobility.

Bringing in the perspective and expertise of the International Road Federation (IRF), Susanna Zammataro – IRF Director General – led three sessions during this edition respectively on air quality, on safe and inclusive mobility and a working session on new technologies strategies, and tools for a pro-active and preventive approach to road safety. More than 300 new bike-share services were launched worldwide last year. Ride-hailing services together provide more than 45 million rides a day. Advances in new mobility services, electric, autonomous and data-driven technologies are changing how people get around but also cities themselves. These changes could lead to healthier lifestyles, less traffic, fewer carbon emissions and pollution which kills yearly 7 million people, or they may not. To harness the benefits of new mobility, it’s important for decision-makers to establish clear priorities that encourage sustainable, safe and equitable mobility for all, leaving no one behind. Fast growing cities in low and middle-income countries are on the front line as they are building now their transport systems and are called to make decisions that will affect generations to come.

During the 2019 edition’s closing ceremony, Luis Alfonso De Alba, United Nations Climate Action Summit 2019 Special Envoy, and Florent Menegaux, CEO of the Michelin Group, agreed that the Movin’On Summit’s ecosystem must contribute by helping the UN move from ambition to action regarding mobility’s impact on climate. Over two and a half days, participants were inspired by 95 speakers and collaborated together through 42 working sessions on the 5 leading themes of this edition: circular economy, decarbonisation and air quality, society and multi-modal urban transport, innovative technologies, multi-modal goods transport. Edition by edition, the Movin’On Summit has evolved from encouraging dialogue, to making real commitments and taking firm action toward sustainable mobility.

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