A Private Sector Road Safety Coalition for Tanzania

A Private Sector Road Safety Coalition for Tanzania

The first meeting of the private sector road safety coalition for Tanzania led by Total and facilitated by IRF was hosted in Dar es Salaam in May. Attended by a highly-motivated and engaged group of private companies, the meeting mapped out priorities areas of intervention and defined a first set of actions to be implemented.

In opening the meeting Mr Tarik Moufaddal, TOTAL Managing Director and Country Chair who stressed that road safety is a key value for the group hence the engagement of Total Tanzania in this initiative. Total has been present in Tanzania for the past 50 years. The road safety situation in the country is a problem for the companies but it is also a major problem for the entire community.

Ms Anne-Valérie Troy, TOTAL Senior Advisor Road Safety (Total Foundation) provided an overview of Road Safety work carried out by the Total Foundation. Road Safety is both a value for the group but also an expertise. Three the main axes of engagement: 1. Education of young people below the age of 25; 2. Training and education of specific groups; 3. Advocacy and support to the authorities to raise standards. Ms Susanna Zammataro, IRF Director General provided an introduction on IRF including an overview of road safety work around the globe and in Tanzania more specifically. The Federation has been working on the issue for the past 70 years and is well recognised internationally beside being well connected with key stakeholders in the country including relevant authorities.

During the meeting, the benefits of a road safety coalition were clearly spelled out as follows:

  • Share best practice and expertise
  • Share costs
  • Avoid duplication of efforts
  • Ensure greater impact of projects/initiatives and greater visibility too.

The group engaged in a lively debate on what are key road safety issues in the country on the basis of their experience. Main issues identified:

  • drivers. There’s lack of education and lack of skilled drivers on the country.
  • Infrastructure. Insufficient road maintenance and poor signalisation make road dangerous
  • Funding. Lack of funds hampers progress especially when it comes to rural roads.
  • Vehicles. Technical controls insufficient and poor quality of vehicles and vehicles maintenance
  • Education. Need for massive education and awareness campaigns especially targeted at young generations.

The aim of a road safety coalition in Tanzania will be to federate private sector stakeholders to work together, in close collaboration with international institutions, NGOs, and local authorities in order improve road safety via hands-on, impact-oriented and scalable activities.

To learn more or get involved, please contact IRF Secretariat at info[@]irfnet.ch